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hello I have jailbroken Iphone 5 IOS 7.0.4 , when i connect it to PC the computer recognize it and autoplay shows up and you can browse all the photos but iTunes is stuck like this : alt text

i tried all these :

1- reinstall last version of itunes

2- rebooting iphone and PC

3- remove all new tweaks that i installed today

4- reinstall apple mobile device

5- reinstall itunes helper

note :

1- last tweaks (IcoughtU pro , fake GPS pro , SSL)

2- ifunbox,itools and tongbu wont't recognize it too

sorry for my English , thanx :)

asked 22 Jan '14, 17:39

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closed 09 Oct '14, 00:30

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justinred ♦

Please someone help !!!

(23 Jan '14, 05:58) hama_to hama_to's gravatar image

still not working , i think the problem is with the iPhone because i tried with another PC and have the same problem

(23 Jan '14, 08:58) hama_to hama_to's gravatar image

I have the same problem with my iPhone 5s. Help would be appreciated

(01 Feb '14, 02:05) Kronic Kronic's gravatar image

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Make sure you delete apps like Tongbu,Kuaiyong,etc Chinese apps and tweaks like AppSync because it will make your phone unable to sync.


answered 01 Feb '14, 02:14

phongvu99's gravatar image


I deleted all apps and tweaks except cydia installer , still not working but I tried on DFU mod it connected but I don't want to restore it so I will wait for your help thanks :)

(01 Feb '14, 03:45) hama_to hama_to's gravatar image

Help :(

(01 Feb '14, 16:08) hama_to hama_to's gravatar image

i think that i know the problem,the problem is:iphone 5 ios 7.4 is too new for the jailbreak,maybe the jailbreak is success but it left a error that can't sync.You need to rejailbreak or wait for evasion to upgrade their jailbreak tool for stable version.


answered 12 Feb '14, 00:46

phongvu99's gravatar image


I have the solution I had the same prob I even put up a question and u asked for help in it I feel ur pain

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 18 Feb '14, 18:57

KevinGameKiller's gravatar image

1135 Watch that vid man and your suffering is over


answered 18 Feb '14, 19:03

KevinGameKiller's gravatar image


Copy paste on your phone or copy on your computer

(18 Feb '14, 19:04) KevinGameKiller KevinGameKiller's gravatar image

It ends up being that sometimes when you jailbreak your device iTunes can delete drivers

And by the way when asked to browse compt to find drivers don't do it click on the option to check online for drivers always works


answered 18 Feb '14, 19:06

KevinGameKiller's gravatar image


Watch vid first to know wat I mean

(18 Feb '14, 19:07) KevinGameKiller KevinGameKiller's gravatar image

Ohh after you've done the process restart ur compt so iTunes and compt can process the drivers

Ps. Tell me if it worked if not I will work to find something that does


answered 18 Feb '14, 19:10

KevinGameKiller's gravatar image


it does't work but thanks for the answers , i think the problem is with my iPhone not the PC , Likely I can connect the iPhone on DFU mod and restore it

(18 Feb '14, 19:36) hama_to hama_to's gravatar image

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