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Please Help!!

I'm trying to create a Preference Loader based off of the IOSOpenDev template.

In the ExampleController.h file the
#import <preferences preferences.h=""> Says 'Preferences/Preferences.h file not found' .

What do I do to fix this?

asked 18 Jan '14, 03:05

Ceotrammell's gravatar image


edited 18 Jan '14, 03:12

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

check that iod is in you $path

(18 Jan '14, 03:19) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image

what do you mean by iod ?

(18 Jan '14, 09:53) Ceotrammell Ceotrammell's gravatar image


(18 Jan '14, 09:54) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image

Do i just add the export for my device?

export iOSOpenDevDevice=

(18 Jan '14, 09:55) Ceotrammell Ceotrammell's gravatar image

nope, you need PATH="/opt/iOSOpenDev/bin:$PATH" to

(18 Jan '14, 10:03) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image

This is what I have now...

export iOSOpenDevPath=/opt/iOSOpenDev export iOSOpenDevDevice= export PATH=/opt/iOSOpenDev:$PATH

Do I just change the bottom line to PATH="/opt/iOSOpenDev/bin:$PATH" or do I put export PATH="/opt/iOSOpenDev/bin:$PATH in replace of the bottom line ?

Or do I just put it under then bottom line that I already have?

(18 Jan '14, 10:06) Ceotrammell Ceotrammell's gravatar image

wut? you say you have export PATH=/opt/iOSOpenDev/bin:$PATH in your file already? then you don't need to replace or add it twice!

(18 Jan '14, 10:10) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image

I asked cause you put Dev/bin and I have only Dev

(18 Jan '14, 10:16) Ceotrammell Ceotrammell's gravatar image

hmmm, try reinstalling iod

(18 Jan '14, 10:39) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image

I did. Should I just restart my computer and see if anything updates?

Idk what I'm doing wrong :(

(18 Jan '14, 20:45) Ceotrammell Ceotrammell's gravatar image

yes, try rebooting, if it doesn't work i will look for the headerfiles on my computer and see how i have it

(19 Jan '14, 03:06) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image

Okay!! I'll check it out when I get home tomorrow morning!!! I think I had an update available, so a good time to update I suppose. Lol

But yeah. Ill comment back tomorrow and let you. Thanks!

(19 Jan '14, 03:14) Ceotrammell Ceotrammell's gravatar image

It did not work...:(

(20 Jan '14, 00:29) Ceotrammell Ceotrammell's gravatar image

Device= IP address Change? I know nothing about this. But I see an ip and sometimes it can change from a 17 at the end to some other number. Probably doesn't help my bad if not. Good luck.

(20 Jan '14, 00:37) BirdsOfWar BirdsOfWar's gravatar image

hmm, i'll look for the header files on my computer

(20 Jan '14, 00:55) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image


(20 Jan '14, 00:57) Ceotrammell Ceotrammell's gravatar image

I can't do i now, i'll do it after school

(20 Jan '14, 01:04) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image


Is that all I will need?

(20 Jan '14, 01:17) Ceotrammell Ceotrammell's gravatar image

hmm, i looked on two macs, reinstalled iod-base & sdk, searched for the header files, and now, i have the same question & problem as you, sorry :(

(20 Jan '14, 13:34) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image

aghhhhh someone help us :(

(22 Jan '14, 00:55) Ceotrammell Ceotrammell's gravatar image

@daniel664 did you figure anything out? :(

(22 Jan '14, 16:36) Ceotrammell Ceotrammell's gravatar image


(23 Jan '14, 00:55) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image
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