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I've got a iPhone 4 running version 7 on evasi0n7 jailbreak. Just recently jailbreak and don't have iFile installed on it or any other similar, just the basics including Cydia's. By accident a Cydia download was interrupted. I've read:"Delete all the numbered files in /var/lib/dpkg/updates and reboot." cannot do it with iPhoneBroser, Putty, iFuunbox, iPhoneExplorer nor Winscp. Some don't recognize the jailbreak, although it's in the files they allow me to see.
I'm new to this but willing to learn. Please help. Any way of accessing my iPhone withot going to the iphone shop again?

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wait a little bit for me to write...

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Guide, works not folly but it may help you. I have only tried this on a mac, this is a instrution how to force to delete your files, it works even without a jailbroken iphone and so on.

EDIT: This is a guide how to get full read and write access to a device which is exploitable by limera1n, shortly everything older and including the iphone 4. Skip the steps 9 and 10 when you need to do any other changes to the device than discussed in this thread.

1) you need ssh_rd tool

2) you need java for ssh_rd tool

4) on windows you need itunes too

6) on windows you need an openssh client too

1) execute ssh_rd with java (double click it)

2) connect your phone with usb

3) put you iphone into DFU mode (press the power for 3seconds, then keep holding power and press home, then press both button for 10 seconds, then release the power but keep holding home for 20 seconds

4) wait untill ssh_rd tool says finished exploiting

5) connect with openssh, on mac: open terminal (it is in /Applications/Utilities) and type ssh root@localhost -p 2022 and then type alpine when it prompts for password, in putty enter root as username, 2022 as port and alpine as password. Use this credientals for cyberduck too

6) type

7) don't close ssh_rd or the terminal / openssh window

8) connect with cyberduck using sftp to localhost and with the credentials ssh_rd provided you.

9) now, in the cyberduck window, /mnt1 is / and /mnt2 is /var, for you, navigate to /mnt2/lib/dpkg/updates

10) delete the files you want or move, etc

11) when you are done, close cyberduck

12) go to the open terminal and type halt

13) press the power button of your phone for 3 seconds

14) Now use RecBoot to kick your device from recovery mode.

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answered 16 Jan '14, 10:46

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ok found how to kik recovery, but you need windows ;( download and when the tool opens click tools and then kik recovery!

(16 Jan '14, 10:58) daniel664 daniel664's gravatar image

Thank you so much for all your trouble. I'll keep these for record. Unfortunatedly, I am not such expert and ended in the shop. But this time, first thing, installed OpenSSH, afc2add and iFile. Works very well. Again, Thanks!

(28 Jan '14, 10:39) Bencho52 Bencho52's gravatar image

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