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So I just got status modifier which shows the amount of free Ram my phone has (iphone 5s) and I'm kinda shocked. On my old 5 I would run some serious dreamboard themes as well as many other tweaks and it would hover between 400-700 mb. On my 5s now as I type this I only have 244 mb free with only cydia open and all other apps closed. Right now I have only barrel, statusbarfix2, and status modifier from cydia so I'm wondering where the hell all the ram is getting used up?

asked 14 Jan '14, 22:36

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closed 28 Jan '14, 11:37

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spockers ♦♦

Also, I forgot to mention that I also have bitesms on top of the other tweaks...

(14 Jan '14, 23:04) John9909 John9909's gravatar image

I also noticed that on my Iphone 5s 64GB. With my previous jailbroken iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1 with lots of tweaks) I used to have around 650MB after a fresh boot with no application running. With my iPhone 5s (iOS 7.0.4, same tweaks), the max I get is around 350MB. I suspect iOS 7 to eat much more RAM than iOS 6... Could other iphone 5s owners share their results too ?

(25 Jan '14, 16:53) soul75 soul75's gravatar image

Yes I am experiencing the same, but there are no performance lags at all so I really don't consider it to be an issue. (Unlocked 5s, 7.0.4)

(25 Jan '14, 20:25) gconron gconron's gravatar image

On my iphone 5 it was the same between 400 - 700 on iOS 6 with jailbreak.

I got Free Ram info as soon as I jailbroke iOS 7 and never got/get more than 500, well roughly that after a reboot, I kinda came up with the answer the iOS 7 just uses more ram, considering how awful it is on an iphone 4 by comparison to iOS 6, one could be forgiven for thinking that it just uses more ram.

(25 Jan '14, 20:33) naylor2006 naylor2006's gravatar image

When i close all apps and clear ram I have around 300mbs of ram on a iphone 5s 7.0.4 . It does get laggy when i'm on safari i get around 22mbs which causes my screen to freeze for a couple seconds. I wish apple would of installed 2 gigs of ram

(26 Jan '14, 17:49) AZLil7 AZLil7's gravatar image

Same here. Especially with the new 64 bit processor...... Haven't all iPhones since the 3GS had 1 gig of ram though?

(26 Jan '14, 18:18) John9909 John9909's gravatar image

no iphone 5 was the first with a 1 gig

(26 Jan '14, 18:30) AZLil7 AZLil7's gravatar image

Bad memory issues here too on my 5S. Every day I would get a springboard crash and upon looking at crash logs, was due to springboard running out of memory. Uninstalled a few of my tweaks, thinking maybe those were the issues. Will be investigating more, possibly using iCleaner Pro to "freeze" some substrate tweaks, or just uninstalling completely. Using Cloaky to check free ram as well as SBPowerAlert, which both report anywhere from 250-400MB of free RAM. Was using Swipey up until yesterday and constantly had SB crashes and memory reporting as low as 150MB.

Ill let you guys know what else I find out, cause this is bugging me.

(28 Jan '14, 10:25) shadowscott shadowscott's gravatar image

So I've had iCleaner Pro installed and just got around to using the Launch Daemon disabling feature. These start up with the phone regardless of use, such as VPn, Mobile Hotspot, logging, etc. Disabling these free up Ram. Make sure you read before disabling, as some can render phone unusable.

(28 Jan '14, 11:12) shadowscott shadowscott's gravatar image

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