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I am trying to jailbreak my iPhone 4 but the process always gets stuck on 'Uploading system prefrences 2/2'. I have 8GB of DDR3 RAM so the that can't be the one to blame right? I also have an Intel Core i5 570 so that is fine too. I am running Win7. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

asked 14 Jan '14, 16:30

alumentum's gravatar image


I'm on win8.1 with 3GB RAM and a slower CPU and it runs fine, so that's not an issue.

(14 Jan '14, 16:38) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Yup, the issue is not related to your hardware, you've got plenty of power.

(14 Jan '14, 16:40) eYe-I-aïe eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image

It's not your computer. If you did not do a full restore and setup as a new device in iTunes before jailbreaking, do that. You can restore your iTunes backup after jailbreaking.


answered 14 Jan '14, 16:40

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

Use my steps if you wish:

Jailbreaking best practise:

1.Backup idevice (DO NOT BACKUP IF YOU HAVE or PREVIOUS HAD APP SYNC INSTALLED) then restore like this:

2.When itunes prompts you to 'restore from backup' or 'setup as new iphone', do neither at this point and close itunes

3.Set up idevice on the device itself until you reach home screen

4.Load evasion then jailbreak the device

5.Once complete load cydia, select 'user' and let it do its thing

6.Once all of that is done, re-load itunes and then you can restore from the earlier

(14 Jan '14, 16:41) naylor2006 naylor2006's gravatar image

I can't do step 4. The jailbreaking process doesn't work.

(14 Jan '14, 17:15) alumentum alumentum's gravatar image

Thats enough performance mate.

Couple things to check/try.

Make sure its running as Admin on WIN7 and you can also increase the priority of the evasi0n process in task manager.


answered 14 Jan '14, 16:32

naylor2006's gravatar image


Have tried both but that didn't work.

(14 Jan '14, 16:33) alumentum alumentum's gravatar image

Why would your computer ram have anything to do with jailbreaking your iphone? Check your memory on your iphone. Settings>general>usage


answered 14 Jan '14, 16:32

ember_season's gravatar image


edited 14 Jan '14, 16:33

A slow PC can sometimes cause people to get stuck at processes in evasi0n7.

(14 Jan '14, 16:34) TheGreatMKJ TheGreatMKJ's gravatar image

Does the amount of memory left make a difference?

(14 Jan '14, 16:34) alumentum alumentum's gravatar image

Cause there is actually a speed related hack process or something at this stage that requires power.

(14 Jan '14, 16:34) naylor2006 naylor2006's gravatar image

But 8gb of ram ddr3 is pretty huge man

(14 Jan '14, 16:34) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image Specs

(14 Jan '14, 16:35) alumentum alumentum's gravatar image

the amount of memory on your phone does of course man it needs room to put all the system files of jailbreak

(14 Jan '14, 16:37) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

Am making an extra backup and then trying again with an empty phone.

(14 Jan '14, 16:38) alumentum alumentum's gravatar image

Thats one way to do it i guess!

(14 Jan '14, 16:39) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

@ember_season, as much of that is true, however who the hell fills their phone backup with all they stuff before jailbreaking, it asking for trouble.

(14 Jan '14, 16:40) naylor2006 naylor2006's gravatar image

But the jailbreak itself doesnt need a WHOLE lot. and how many gigs is your phone? 8 16 or 32?

(14 Jan '14, 16:40) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

@naylor2006, Definitely not questioning your knowledge of jailbreak so maybe im misunderstanding, But backing up your phone is one of the things that is highly recommended before jailbreak. ???

(14 Jan '14, 16:42) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

I mean 'back up' not backup

(14 Jan '14, 16:42) naylor2006 naylor2006's gravatar image

Ok. You are supposed to 1. Backup your phone. 2. jailbreak. Thats the order you are supposed to go in when jailbreaking.

(14 Jan '14, 16:44) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

8GB but it only had about 10MB or so left of memory so I am wiping it and trying again

(14 Jan '14, 16:44) alumentum alumentum's gravatar image

Ok THAT IS your problem. You need to delete some pics or something and clear up some memory for jailbreak.

(14 Jan '14, 16:45) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

Doing a factory reset as we speak ^^ Will comment in a sec of how it went

(14 Jan '14, 16:46) alumentum alumentum's gravatar image

Excuse me ?!?!

Your computer has 8GB or RAM but only 10MB available?

WTH you're doing with your computer Pal?

(14 Jan '14, 16:46) eYe-I-aïe eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image

He's talking about his phone

(14 Jan '14, 16:48) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image


was SO scared...

thanks for your input!


Well then, no wonder it's not completing the process...

(14 Jan '14, 16:49) eYe-I-aïe eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image

I refer this conversion simply back to @spockers reply.

(14 Jan '14, 16:49) naylor2006 naylor2006's gravatar image

Yeah glad I could be apart of this it was awesome :p

(14 Jan '14, 17:00) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

Nope didn't work... still getting stuck at 'Confifguring system (2/2)'

(14 Jan '14, 17:03) alumentum alumentum's gravatar image

Ok did you: 1download the proper evasi0n jailbreak from 1. Extract all files after downloading? 2. Connected device with iTunes closed and double click evasi0n setup.exe (or something to that effect) in the download folder? 3. Let the evasi0n process take place? Following all the directions?


answered 14 Jan '14, 17:24

ember_season's gravatar image


Yes I have tried everything and checked everything. Am trying again tomorrow on iMac and if that doesn't work I'm staying jailbroken :( last attempt.

(14 Jan '14, 17:35) alumentum alumentum's gravatar image

Wait you're already jailbroken? Wtf?

(14 Jan '14, 17:37) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

Unjailbroken sorry haha I'm tired. Sorry for the confusion.

(14 Jan '14, 17:39) alumentum alumentum's gravatar image

It's cool :p

(14 Jan '14, 17:39) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image
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