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I was wondering if someone is working on a SSH.jar file for iPhone 4S running iOS 7.0.4 Or how to do the jailbreak to an unactivated iPhone 4S running iOS 7.0.4 So I can delete/rename the file.

I aprecciate your help.

asked 13 Jan '14, 17:16

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I think someone is already developing the update for ssh.jar file to catch A5+ devices (iphone 4s and up). They already have the theory but they haven't share the actual jar file yet (some fixes I think). I was trying to check the source code of the ssh I've downloaded but the src are not available in the package so I need to decompile java classes to see the code. Here's the list of devices that are supported yet.

    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("DFU Mode S5L8900 Device", "m68ap", 35072, 0, true));
    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("iPhone 2G", "m68ap", 35072, 4352));
    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("iPhone 3G", "n82ap", 35072, 12544));
    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("iPhone 3GS", "n88ap", 35104, 35104));
    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("iPhone 4 (GSM)", "n90ap", 35120, 35120));
    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("iPhone 4 (CDMA)", "n92ap", 35120, 0x6008930));
    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("iPod Touch 1G", "n45ap", 35072, 8448));
    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("iPod Touch 2G", "n72ap", 34592, 34592));
    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("iPod Touch 3G", "n18ap", 35106, 0x2008922));
    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("iPod Touch 4G", "n81ap", 35120, 0x8008930));
    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("iPad 1G", "k48ap", 35120, 0x2008930));
    supportedDevices.add(new DeviceProps("Apple TV 2G", "k66ap", 35120, 0x10008930));

I hope they can add the iphone 4s and up soon. I'm trying to trace the code but still we need to have more information for unsupported devices


answered 21 Feb '14, 13:27

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This is simply an SSH ramdisk like msftguy's ramdisk, which has been around for years. It's not going to happen on A5+ devices for the simple reason that a bootrom exploit is needed in order to use these ramdisks.

(21 Feb '14, 13:39) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

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