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safari and mail app keeps crashing after the updates in cydia...did the appsync uninstall and reinstall still keeps crashing. im on iphone 4 7.0.4 jb.

I just had the same problem and this what one of the users told me to do. "install iFile from Cydia. Once in iFile, navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Caches and delete the following files "" and "" and reboot your iDevice"


answered 13 Jan '14, 00:28

Jazz2003's gravatar image


ill try that see if it works thanks

(13 Jan '14, 15:04) menaceoutlaw menaceoutlaw's gravatar image

cant find the launchservices files but wa able to delete the installation..rebooted and still crashing

(13 Jan '14, 15:11) menaceoutlaw menaceoutlaw's gravatar image

just use openssh to ssh in and do "rm /var/mobile/Library/Caches/"

(14 Jan '14, 18:38) oddbondboris oddbondboris's gravatar image

It's probably crashing because you've installed appsync(and god knows what else). It doesn't work correctly on iOS 7(or 6 for that matter) and not only that but it permanently modifies the files so you can't fix them without a restore.

Also used for piracy which we don't support.


answered 13 Jan '14, 15:20

NmUn's gravatar image


edited 13 Jan '14, 15:20

I don't support piracy either, but to say the OP "probably" installed appsync is irritating. I had the same problem without installing appsync or any other pirate program, and my JB had similar issues with only 2 Cydia tweaks installed, both ios7 compatible and both paid. The fix described by a previous poster worked for me, but OP may have a different device/iOS than me. The post @naraj811 posted (to give credit) was: "FIX: delete app sync if you have ... install ifile ... go to Var>mobile>library>caches .. delete a) "" (your numbers may be different, I'm not sure, but just find the similarly named file. There's only 1 like it) b) "" reboot your device ... after rebooting wait 1 to 2 minute to device become normal ." iPhone 4 CDMA 7.0.4

(14 Jan '14, 20:12) Gh05tcat Gh05tcat's gravatar image

In my defence almost 90% of people with this issue here admit to installing appsync so it's not that far fetched to assume it in this case. Especially since they mention it in the question.

If you have this issue and you've never installed appsync, make a new question and clearly state this so we can help you better.

(15 Jan '14, 11:41) NmUn NmUn's gravatar image


(15 Jan '14, 12:18) Neel Neel's gravatar image

I had same problem on my,and someone said its maby because i had OTA update of my ios.I did restore in itunes and re-jailbreak and everything is working perfect!!!


answered 15 Jan '14, 15:36

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