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The title says it all. :D

asked 12 Jan '14, 17:42

J4ilbre4ker's gravatar image


Winterboard, Flex, BytaFont, ActionMenu, Applockr, AndroidLock XT, Copic, Custom LS, DietBar, Spectral, and Totarya are some of my favorites. Happy Jailbreaking!!


answered 12 Jan '14, 22:12

7blademaster7's gravatar image


thx :)

(13 Jan '14, 00:00) J4ilbre4ker J4ilbre4ker's gravatar image

Dietbar doesn't work for iOS 7 :(

(13 Jan '14, 01:04) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

I like

alwaysclear, barrel, batterypeek, capture view, cchide, ccnowplaying, cctoggles, cloaky, customls, dismissmykeyboard, display recorder, five icon dock ios7, icleaner pro, ifile, liveweathericon, [piracy], locationfaker, messages customiser, switchspring, transparentdock, unlocksound7, wake info, zeppelin,


answered 13 Jan '14, 00:56

JGuff330's gravatar image


edited 13 Jan '14, 01:08

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

[piracy] ?? can you please be more specific about it.

(13 Jan '14, 01:16) azeem5144 azeem5144's gravatar image

lol I forgot I added an app that isn't allowed to be spoken about on here and a moderator edited it for me.

(13 Jan '14, 01:19) JGuff330 JGuff330's gravatar image

That was an edit made by a moderator man. It used to say a certain piracy app and they removed it. Piracy is not allowed on this forum

(13 Jan '14, 01:19) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

I love using CCQuick Pro, Lockdown Pro iOS 7, Transparent Dock/Volume, customLS, Zeppelin.


answered 12 Jan '14, 22:24

TheGreatMKJ's gravatar image


thx :)

(13 Jan '14, 00:00) J4ilbre4ker J4ilbre4ker's gravatar image

Adding to this list I would put Bitesms (tho still in beta which you can get) messages customizer, activator, CCtoggles, infinidock, swipeselection, virtual home, biolockdown, Hidden Settings 7, and Purge to name a few :)


answered 13 Jan '14, 00:27

ember_season's gravatar image


thx :)

(13 Jan '14, 03:15) J4ilbre4ker J4ilbre4ker's gravatar image
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