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The jailbreak has been out but saurik hasn't released the update for ios 7. Can we all contact him and ask him to update it? I don't think he'll listen if one person asks him.

asked 11 Jan '14, 11:50

Farhans786's gravatar image


It was just updated for iOS 7 today:

Veency 0.9.3400


answered 27 Jan '14, 13:05

dmorse2112's gravatar image


Saurik is probably very busy right now with other stuff. When saurik gets time, he'll get around to updating Veency.

If more people asked for a Veency update, he probably would make it a higher priority.


answered 11 Jan '14, 11:53

Will0401's gravatar image



Will0401 is right. One of Saurik's top priorities right now is getting Winterboard 100% iOS 7/ A7 ready. He's probably also working on new tweaks as well as sorting out small issues with Cydia.

(11 Jan '14, 12:37) 7blademaster7 7blademaster7's gravatar image

I would hope he's working on a BIG issue with Cydia first, i.e. safemode. He seems to be collaborating with ParrotGeek on this (who has a safemode fix out, but Saurik advises against installing it).

(11 Jan '14, 15:49) Jbwolf Jbwolf's gravatar image

What's wrong with safe mode? Got a link?

(11 Jan '14, 15:51) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Theres's no warning or way to exit safe mode, and it crashes the NC weather. You have to delete sectioninfo.plist to fix it. I'll look for the link on reddit in a bit.

(11 Jan '14, 21:29) Jbwolf Jbwolf's gravatar image

Sorry. That was meant to be a comment but it won't let me delete it. Anyway, here's the thread on reddit

(11 Jan '14, 22:17) Jbwolf Jbwolf's gravatar image

@Jbwolf Thanks for the link, I guess I need to spend more time on reddit (shudder). :D

(11 Jan '14, 23:43) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

I know that Saurik's really busy, but does anyone know when/if veency will be updated for iOS 7? I am struggling without it!! :)

(20 Jan '14, 18:22) kenzyx kenzyx's gravatar image

Obviously not

(20 Jan '14, 19:46) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

Agreed! I really hope Veency gets updated soon, too.


answered 25 Jan '14, 22:40

Nathan%20Yates's gravatar image

Nathan Yates

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