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Mine ipod touch 4.2.1 2g won't go into DFU mode, my ipod just turns on. Im pretty sure I'm doing everything correct....Please Help!!!

asked 13 Mar '11, 15:26

tuggiwuggi's gravatar image


pwr off first then follow greenposins countdown


answered 13 Mar '11, 15:31

konata_fan337's gravatar image


i did do that it was off still didnt work


answered 13 Mar '11, 17:14

tuggiwuggi's gravatar image


What model is it?

(13 Mar '11, 17:15) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

Either your timing is off, or your home button is broken.

(13 Mar '11, 17:17) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

looks like they got it working anyway.

(13 Mar '11, 17:18) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

OP, why accept the answer if it didn't work?

(13 Mar '11, 17:19) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

OP accepted the answer after saying it didn't work, I assume they tried again and it did. ;)

(13 Mar '11, 17:22) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Be nice to know if it's solved

(13 Mar '11, 17:26) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

im new to site didnt know wut it was but my ipod touch is a 4.2.1 2g MC model


answered 13 Mar '11, 17:29

tuggiwuggi's gravatar image


Did you get it into dfu?

(13 Mar '11, 17:31) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

no i did not

(13 Mar '11, 19:16) tuggiwuggi tuggiwuggi's gravatar image

home button works


answered 13 Mar '11, 17:30

tuggiwuggi's gravatar image


watch some vids on youtube, some are really helpfull sometimes the countdown of GP isn't correct so sometimes you need to hold it a bit longer or shorter. if your idevice show a total white screen it is in dfu mode and the JB process is starting

(13 Mar '11, 17:55) mathieuvp mathieuvp's gravatar image

iOS 4.X offers a black DFU mode, which often appears to be off... Make sure you've got iTunesHelper.exe closed.


answered 13 Mar '11, 17:57

Kitastriphi's gravatar image


humm thats strange i had this same problum on my friends ipt 4g 8gb

but i the time i got it to work i had it "pluged it and powerd off" and then i got it to stay in dfu mode


answered 13 Mar '11, 20:38

konata_fan337's gravatar image


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