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Only thing I have working seamlessly is flux. Are there any other pckgs that I can actually use on my iOS 7/ A7 chip enabled device?

I've done thorough searches and installed/reinstalled a lot already. I think it's confirmed that mobile substrate does not function properly yet on this device and the parrot geek fixes don't work on A7 yet. Please list any/all tweaks working for A7!

asked 29 Dec '13, 19:35

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iFile, MobileTerminal, and f.lux are the only tweaks that work on a 5S (as far as I know).

(29 Dec '13, 19:36) Will0401 Will0401's gravatar image

Ifile is pretty clutch. Thanks.

(29 Dec '13, 19:59) Learntheburrow Learntheburrow's gravatar image

Mywi MovieStealer musicbox

(29 Dec '13, 20:22) Filthyfrank Filthyfrank's gravatar image

iCleaner pro

(29 Dec '13, 21:48) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image

Respring works. It's a little sad that I finally was able to jailbreak my i5s and most of the gratification that I get is seeing the cydia icon on my springboard.

(29 Dec '13, 22:55) Tikimaker Tikimaker's gravatar image

The only tweaks that are working and are actually useful are f.lux and IFile.

(29 Dec '13, 23:05) Abood_sankar Abood_sankar's gravatar image

Mywi doesn't work on iPhone 5S

(29 Dec '13, 23:16) zjadan zjadan's gravatar image

App stink iOS 7 works on my 5s

(29 Dec '13, 23:29) retselj retselj's gravatar image

Same boat. I keep hearing the all knowing A7 chip whispering in a sensei voice,"In time hackhopper..." #badjoke

(31 Dec '13, 08:41) Learntheburrow Learntheburrow's gravatar image

Mywi had an update shortly after substrate was updated. Mywi is working awesome for me

*I have a 5s

(31 Dec '13, 09:31) ember_season ember_season's gravatar image

Tether me has been updated to work on 64bit and highly recommend over MYWI. I was a big fan of MYWI until AT&T threatened to take my unlimited data away if I continue to tether, after that I started using Tether Me and no more problems. Tether Me bypasses carrier signatures and activates your native hotspots and at $4.99 you can't beat it.

(31 Dec '13, 13:05) Tikimaker Tikimaker's gravatar image

Tetherme works. So does switchspring

(31 Dec '13, 13:21) Dadacookta Dadacookta's gravatar image

Zeppelin Beta now works on 5s. Not sure about additional zeppelin logos but all the ones included work

(31 Dec '13, 13:28) rjr112487 rjr112487's gravatar image

Please tell me if color profiles work! I need to fix my yellow screen

(31 Dec '13, 13:58) Jabroni Jabroni's gravatar image

I got it.. Yes tetherme does work and is totally worth $4.99

(31 Dec '13, 22:13) retselj retselj's gravatar image

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