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Hi- I'd like to disable the SIM card phone number from iMessage and only have my email address registered with it- is that doable? Is there perhaps a tweak that blocks the sim from registering with iMessage? Seems doable because if you have an ipad, you can enable only the email address and disable the phone number...


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asked 28 Dec '13, 00:40

knightbreather's gravatar image


Try turning iMessages off and then when u turn it back on, a message should appear asking if "if u want to activate iMessage using the carrier", if this comes out just press cancel

Hope this helped


answered 28 Dec '13, 06:17

DrBasel's gravatar image


Still no dice- it doesn't ask me if I want to register with the carrier, even after I log completely out of my Apple ID with iMessage and FaceTime, and then turn it back on to re activate.

Is it possible that there is a cydia hack or tweak that just disables the cell number completely?

(28 Dec '13, 11:45) knightbreather knightbreather's gravatar image

This might help, follow the steps plz:

Turn off iMessage, remove sim from tray, turn on imessage and choose "Use Apple ID"

Hope this works


answered 28 Dec '13, 11:48

DrBasel's gravatar image


Same thing- it seems that the phone number is registered with the iMessage account because when I log back into iMessage even though the SIM card isn't there, it asks me how I would like to be contacted and the email is there as well as the number, but it's slightly opaque and can't be unchecked.

Is there any way to unregistered everything with the apple account? I've heard of people having problems with iMessage when switching phone numbers and going to their Apple ID support profile and trying to unregister the number, but that hasn't worked either...

(28 Dec '13, 12:01) knightbreather knightbreather's gravatar image

Im sorry i couldnt help u out :/

Im actually facing the opposite problem, after i did the JB, i now cant activate it using my sim card/ phone number. It keeps showing "Waiting for Activation" lol

(28 Dec '13, 12:12) DrBasel DrBasel's gravatar image

I went so far as to dfu restore, set up as a new device while the sim card was out, then log into iMessage with the email address. The phone number was still there so that makes me know that it is registered with the iCloud account, but I was able to uncheck it. Worked for about an hour as it was saying 'waiting for activation' and then it flipped back on...

Why on earth do they make this so hard? All I want to do is iMessage only from my email, and never have the phone number even register...

(28 Dec '13, 14:08) knightbreather knightbreather's gravatar image

i did everything. I restored to backup, still "waiting for activation". restored as a new iPhone, same problem... I really hate this :(

(28 Dec '13, 14:18) DrBasel DrBasel's gravatar image

Giving this a bump-

I think I may have finally figured it out:

With my iphone jailbroken, I was able to access iFile and browse to the carrier bundle defaults on the phone. The default AT&T bundle that comes on the phone has a ton of shitty stuff in it that you probably don't need if you know how to use a phone, plus a bunch of crap limiting what you can and cannot do, like personal hotspot, facetime over 3g (which I think has since been enabled?) and all of the default APN settings.

For my phone, I have been rocking a iPad mini sim with full LTE access on the iPhone for $30/month. The problem is with all of the junk that is tailored for the phone, it makes your number automatically log into imessage every time, from what it looks like, when you activate MMS with the APN settings from the default AT&T .plist files. Essentially what I did was delete the default AT&T .plist on the iPhone so you are starting with a completely clean slate when you go to "Reset Network Settings". For my configuration, I put my APN settings back in, and was up and rocking in no time.

The important thing to note here is that because there are no defaults that can't be overwritten for the MMS APN settings, the number of the SIM card won't auto-activate on iMessage. I've been sitting here for about 30 minutes with it displayed on the iMessage "Can be reached by iMessage at:" screen, but isn't by default checked. Awesome.

Favor to ask: Does someone know where to get the iPad mini .plist for AT&T? I'd love to do some comparing, or even try just the AT&T Data Only iPad mini plan on the iPhone 5 with the iPad settings...



answered 24 Jan '14, 18:49

knightbreather's gravatar image


Even better- the phone number associated with the SIM card no longer even shows up in FaceTime or iMessage, and I'm able to be contacted through iMessage only via email. In my case this works perfectly because my google voice number acts as my phone for VoIP through Hangouts and texting.

A bit of a work around, but I'm happy- if someone else were to choose this route, I would first make a zip archive through iFile of the AT&T carrier bundle settings, then delete the whole folder. Use tetherme or apnedit to plug your apn in, and you're good...


answered 24 Feb '14, 10:57

knightbreather's gravatar image


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