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Hello everybody,

Will Veency work on the new iOS 7 jailbreak? That is the tweak I must absolutely have available. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

asked 27 Dec '13, 17:45

Nathan%20Yates's gravatar image

Nathan Yates

closed 27 Jan '14, 15:39

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spockers ♦♦

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by spockers, 27 Jan '14, 15:39

As far as I know, Veency does not work on iOS 7.


answered 27 Dec '13, 17:48

Will0401's gravatar image


Thank you very much for the information. I hope compatibility is available soon!

(27 Dec '13, 20:00) Nathan Yates Nathan%20Yates's gravatar image

Does not work for me, but this is the single reason I did the jailbreak.

I've tried this with Veency 0.9.3381 on a 4s (MD241C/A) with 7.0.4 (11B554a). It lets me connect but the screen is scrambled on the VNC viewer, almost like the scan rate is entirely off. I can connect and the screen changes as I control the phone (from the phone, not VNC). Input from the VNC viewer also has no effect on the phone.

(08 Jan '14, 13:31) IT Guy IT%20Guy's gravatar image

Just in case it helps anyone with a potential answer;

I forgot I have the VNC viewer open. During the springboard restarting I noticed the Apple logo is scrambled, but the wheel of bars that come up while it loads showed up just fine. Once it goes to the lock screen it's scrambled again.

(08 Jan '14, 14:04) IT Guy IT%20Guy's gravatar image

Just finished a 4S jailbreak on 7.04. I installed Veency but every connection attempt puts me in safe mode. Why?

Update: Veency will work without a password. Just no mouse support. Anyone know when that's coming?

(27 Jan '14, 17:36) Nathan Yates Nathan%20Yates's gravatar image

It was just updated for iOS 7 today:

Veency 0.9.3400


answered 27 Jan '14, 13:06

dmorse2112's gravatar image


Thank you!

(27 Jan '14, 15:44) Nathan Yates Nathan%20Yates's gravatar image

Just finished a 4S jailbreak on 7.04. I installed Veency but every connection attempt puts me in safe mode. Why?

(27 Jan '14, 17:37) Nathan Yates Nathan%20Yates's gravatar image

I've tested Veency on iOS 7.0.4 with jailbroken iPod touch 5th gen and iPad Mini 1. It can serve but there are issues:

  • Image is distorted
  • Click/keyboard events do not work
  • Settings app Veency config menu disappears after and cannot be restored even after reinstalling Veency

I guess my answer is yes, but not fully.


answered 02 Jan '14, 03:33

radj's gravatar image


Interesting. Thank you very much for the information on Veency. I hope complete compatibility will be restored soon because I use it as an accessibility tool.

(02 Jan '14, 18:46) Nathan Yates Nathan%20Yates's gravatar image

Sorry for the late update. If you haven't tested already, the latest Veency version on Cydia works perfectly well with iOS 7.

(10 Mar '14, 22:54) radj radj's gravatar image

Not for me. Iphone 5 on 7.0.4. As soon as a connection is established the whole thing crashes.


answered 08 Jan '14, 04:35

Umagon's gravatar image


All the above symptoms have been replicated on my end as well. It's not working as of 2014-01-14(GMT+0)

JB iPhone 4S @ iOS 7.0.4 Windows 8.1 x64 with TightVNC


answered 14 Jan '14, 13:27

unwist's gravatar image


It works on iOS 7.0.4 with iPad Air and iPhone 5.


answered 27 Jan '14, 15:36

72696b75's gravatar image


I can't confirm that it is working on Iphone 5, although the results I'm getting are better than before (crash on login). It still crashes on login but can afterwards be used in safe mode (viewer only, no controls). I think additional fixes are needed, turning of input controls did not affect this behavior.

(28 Jan '14, 04:09) Umagon Umagon's gravatar image

Remote control is also supported.

(29 Jan '14, 08:07) 72696b75 72696b75's gravatar image

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