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Tried downloading it 4 different times on two different computers and this is all that I get

alt text

asked 26 Dec '13, 12:48

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closed 20 Jan '14, 18:03

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(27 Dec '13, 10:52) ChrisFromLI ChrisFromLI's gravatar image

Same issue with all versions, even current 1.0.4! Wiped phone 3x restored phone from iTunes 2x tried three different computers and four different cables.

On 1.0.4 the window just disappears instead of white-screening like all previous versions.

(20 Jan '14, 17:28) ChrisFromLI ChrisFromLI's gravatar image

Are you restoring from iTunes backup before jailbreaking, or are you setting up as a new device?

(20 Jan '14, 17:29) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Finally got it to work on 1.0.4 just now. I put the phone into DFU mode, ran another full restore from iTunes, and set it up as a new device.

(20 Jan '14, 17:51) ChrisFromLI ChrisFromLI's gravatar image

And you don't have a pin? If you are using a backup I suggest this order.

Restore. Set up as "new device". Close iTunes and all apple programs on your PC. Make sure no pin is set.

Run evasi0n.exe as admin (right click).

Let it do it's thing. Unlock and click icon evasion on second page of home screen. Let it finish before unplug. Then open iTunes and apply backup after u jailbreak.

You already tried many computers but each time did you re downlad the exe? Cause you could have a corrupt exe. You can always check by getting a SHA1 checker. And see if it matches the string on evasion home page.

(20 Jan '14, 17:51) BirdsOfWar BirdsOfWar's gravatar image

What device. iPhone version. Ios version? I seen this problem with iPad on ios 7.1 beta 3. But not on stock ios 7.0.4 on a phone. People used version 1.0.4 of evasion To get it working. But u already tried another version it looks like.

(20 Jan '14, 17:55) BirdsOfWar BirdsOfWar's gravatar image

Always set up as new. I never apply backup. Especially going from a 6 to 7. Settings change and I don't want to being over some bs setting to cause instability. Just contacts. Rest I can download again

(20 Jan '14, 17:58) BirdsOfWar BirdsOfWar's gravatar image

This is happening because you took the OTA update, they specifically warn against doing so for these reasons. Restore it with DFU Mode and retry the jailbreak AFTER activation.

(01 Feb '14, 16:34) Donniedork0 Donniedork0's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by spockers, 20 Jan '14, 18:03

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