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Im getting strange behavior with the status bar (clock, signal, battery), in-call should be white, now its black, less visible, when opening pictures, doesn't hide. Any one else? im iPhone 5S, iOS 7.0.4, just jailbroken, fresh restored, and no cydia tweaks installed.

fresh restored and jailbroken several times, solid bug.

Any one else noticed this?


(22 Dec '13, 23:30) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

On my iPhone 4S iOS 7.0.4 same problem showing a picture or phoning someone! Hoping that jailbreakers will fix it soon! alt text

(23 Dec '13, 11:43) Raffy98 Raffy98's gravatar image


(23 Dec '13, 12:01) onkelcricri onkelcricri's gravatar image

I'm having the exact same problem on my iPhone 5S. The status bar doesn't change colour from black to white in the stock apps and it doesn't hide properly when playing a video / looking at photos. In certain apps media playback is fine though: for instance in iFile the status bar does hide properly.

(24 Dec '13, 17:13) rickkreuk rickkreuk's gravatar image

I have the same problem. A update would fix it. Or when substrate is working right we can use winterboard to change it.

(24 Dec '13, 21:18) Shonc502 Shonc502's gravatar image

Yeah, it's probably just a bug that will be fixed. I don't think winterboard could fix it though. It seems to be a problem not at all related to theming. The status bar just doesn't go away when it should (a problem detecting when video is playing/photos are being viewed.

Also, winterboard has quite enough to do already (nuke the new ui and put the old one back in) ;) .

(25 Dec '13, 06:40) rickkreuk rickkreuk's gravatar image

I'm experiencing this on my iPod touch as well. It's not the worst thing in the world, just a nuisance. Here's a screenshot to better illustrate the problem:

alt text

(25 Dec '13, 23:41) rokkushii rokkushii's gravatar image

Ih that too!

(26 Dec '13, 00:04) XeKeyboard XeKeyboard's gravatar image

What is this a screenshot of?

(26 Dec '13, 00:06) XeKeyboard XeKeyboard's gravatar image
Im having the same problem too. iPad 3 and iPhone 5 I think its the evasi0n that cause this.
(26 Dec '13, 07:04) afrozenminute afrozenminute's gravatar image

Same Problem here.After jailbreaking my status bar is overlapping everything.Like my Photoes or videos player where it should hide while playing,the camera UI is messed up as the status bar icons overlaps the front face cam icon,Flash on/off,HDR Etc,it doesnt overlap on Games though...I restored several times and jailbroke again and again only to get the same result.My device is an iPod Touch 5 on iOS 7.0.4.

(26 Dec '13, 09:04) Kuhang Kuhang's gravatar image

Same here. iPhone 4 7.0.4

(26 Dec '13, 10:07) Jbwolf Jbwolf's gravatar image

Seems to only affect original apps, doesnt affect youtube, twitter etc.

Assume its a bug somewhere that will get fixed, enought people have noticed it, not convinced its substrate though.

(27 Dec '13, 13:34) naylor2006 naylor2006's gravatar image

Got the same problem on iPhone 5 7.0.4

(28 Dec '13, 09:01) mrluobo mrluobo's gravatar image

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This is a known problem. It happens after you jailbreak and run Cydia. It's a fairly small cosmetic issue, so it's not necessarily the top priority, but there will be a fix somehow. (I don't have more details than that at the moment.)


answered 30 Dec '13, 23:59

britta's gravatar image


You know the jailbreak wont do jack on a 5S right? No arm64 support in tweaks. All you get is a cool brown icon


answered 22 Dec '13, 23:30

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

yeah, but is a bug related to jailbreak, nothing installed so far.

(23 Dec '13, 11:10) redrick redrick's gravatar image

Same bug for me iPhone 5 7.0.4. I hope there will be a fix soon it is really annoying.


answered 28 Dec '13, 18:09

Puffdaddi's gravatar image


I FOUD THE SOLUTION ! Just add the source "" and then install the package "statusbarfix2" next you make a respring and everythings is good !!!! (Sorry for my bad english it's because i'm French ! Lol)


answered 04 Jan '14, 21:09

Dadouneg's gravatar image


I'll try this out, and perfect English

(04 Jan '14, 21:19) Jacksalsa Jacksalsa's gravatar image

Works ^.^

(04 Jan '14, 21:24) Jacksalsa Jacksalsa's gravatar image

StatusBarFix2 on Works on 5s 7.0.4.


answered 04 Jan '14, 22:42

arikmops's gravatar image


Same Problem on iPhone 5 iOs 7.0.4


answered 26 Dec '13, 10:17

Dunraven's gravatar image


Also the font stay black when it should turn white when using some native apps like weather for instance when the weather app is displaying a dark screen (night time) you can't see the status bar because the font blends I. With the background.


answered 28 Dec '13, 09:27

No1gooner's gravatar image



answered 28 Dec '13, 10:09

Kuhang's gravatar image


I have the same bug.


answered 28 Dec '13, 15:59

air20's gravatar image


  • 1 on iphone 5

answered 30 Dec '13, 23:46

WindCatcher's gravatar image


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