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I have downloaded Mewseek from bigboss repo.which is trial version for 1 songs to add in iPod.but it seems not working.when I select add to iPod it gives a message that song is added to iPod but when I open iPod app it has no song.

Device : iPhone 3GS new bootrom iOS : 4.1 Baseband : 06.15.00

asked 20 Dec '13, 01:16

Neel's gravatar image


closed 27 Jan '14, 05:05

Also adding process is too faster.almost I click add to iPod and it gives message adding successful blah blah blah ...

(20 Dec '13, 01:54) Neel Neel's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by Neel, 27 Jan '14, 05:05

We don't support piracy. Buy your music.


answered 20 Dec '13, 05:35

iAdam1n's gravatar image

iAdam1n ♦


It's not clear that Mewseek is being used for piracy here; there are songs online that allow copying. MewSeek is in a default repository; people can ask general questions about it.

(20 Dec '13, 06:42) britta britta's gravatar image

So now what ??

(20 Dec '13, 09:22) Neel Neel's gravatar image

@britta but it does allow piracy so should be avoided.

(20 Dec '13, 09:48) iAdam1n ♦ iAdam1n's gravatar image

I have to agree with @iAdam1n here. I hadn't heard of it so I searched it and every forum where Mewseek is mentioned turns into a piracy conversation. Apparently the only defense the app dev has is that it is only a search engine and does not host the song files. They try to compare themselves to Google in that they don't provide the content, simply an easier way to find the content. Sounds sketchy as hell

(20 Dec '13, 10:25) JCJr222 JCJr222's gravatar image

I think SDM,mxtube,chrome downloader plus ,vine downloader ,yourtube are also a source of piracy than what the heck are they doing in leGal repo like bigboss and others.even many of them are not free. :(

(20 Dec '13, 12:11) Neel Neel's gravatar image

should maybe contact the developer, if reinstalling it doesnt change anything its not something we could fix anyways, we dont code mewseek even

(20 Dec '13, 12:15) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Thanks @theiphoneguy :)

(20 Dec '13, 19:27) Neel Neel's gravatar image

@iAdam1n Safari also allows piracy. :) The guideline in the default repositories is that being potentially useful for piracy is not enough to disqualify a product from being listed, and it makes sense for JailbreakQA to follow the lead of what the default repositories allow.

(21 Dec '13, 02:49) britta britta's gravatar image

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