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It's not a question I know, but more of a warning/caution, and we are a jailbreak community after not update to 4.3 as you will lose your jailbreak and update your baseband as well. Be very careful what buttons you click on, it'll take a while to download the 4.3 ipsw, so at the worst just disconnect your idevice from itunes before that finishes.

If you haven't got your 4.2.1 shsh's download TinyUmbrella connect idevice, and hit 'save shsh', no need to be jailbroken for this. I'm not sure when the window will close, if it hasn't already, but if you need to restore to 4.2.1 it will soon be blocked by itunes, so get those shsh's on file.

If you do decide to download only as I have done, it will auto trash your 4.2.1 ipsw out of the software updates folder, so you may want to go and grab that and keep it somewhere.

asked 09 Mar '11, 13:21

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edited 09 Mar '11, 14:06

Good Post Ven. Hopefully the untethered jb wont take to long to release.

(09 Mar '11, 13:42) JJMAN JJMAN's gravatar image

and now we wait for the unlock ..... the wait is about to end.

(09 Mar '11, 15:56) knightz4u knightz4u's gravatar image

Maybe not - "Sorry, there's no news on the i4 unlock for those who lost 01.59 (or never had it). It's taking longer than we wanted :( " - Quote MuscleNerd tweet......oh dear....never listen to people like @veeence offering confirmation of the unlock, when he obviously knew nothing. He's actually getting slaughtered on twitter, and rightfully so, he was not in a position to confirm anything. The things some people do to get followers...lame.He's a fake, I mean who links the iphonewiki to be their own.I'm sorry people but that guy has earned my wrath.Be gone & stay gone.

(09 Mar '11, 17:24) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

Additional reminder, TinyUmbrella is available from

The current version (including support for the iPad 2) is 4.30.00.

Backup your SHSH, backup your friend's SHSH, backup everyone's SHSH! Looks like 4.2.1 is still being signed, but it won't be for long!

And don't trust anyone claiming an unlock or jailbreak unless it comes straight from one of the devs!

One last thing: for those waiting for the 4.3 jailbreak, even when it's done it's pretty good odds that the devs will delay releasing it until at least some time after the 25th of Feb (once the rest of the world gets the iPad 2), to try and reduce the chance of Apple putting out a 4.3.1 before most people have been able to get their hands on an iPad 2. The jb devs have tended to do this in the past for iPhone releases, for which many of us are extremely grateful! :D


answered 09 Mar '11, 17:56

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edited 09 Mar '11, 21:47

You mean March 25th I assume. Or is it Feb 25, 2012? :)

(09 Mar '11, 21:49) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

With the amount of pain/cold medicine I'm taking at the moment, you're lucky I know what century we're in! :-p

(09 Mar '11, 22:02) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image
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