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I have iphone 4s on ios 6.0 and I am jailbroken.Today i was trying to update it to ios 7 through itunes.But always I get an error 4014 after the process of "preparing iphone for restore". I even tried it to restore to 6.0.1 but i got the same error. Can anyone help me out this.

asked 26 Sep '13, 12:09

Chitwinder's gravatar image



Dont try to update to iOS 6.0.1-iPhone 4s can only update to the latest iOS.I would advise to stay on 6.0 because you will lost your jailbreak.

(26 Sep '13, 14:15) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

But why do I recieve error 4014 in itnues?

(27 Sep '13, 08:13) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image

If you will restore,you need iTunes 11.1 and you will go to iOS 7

(27 Sep '13, 10:10) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

I have it but I'm getting error 4014 with all firmwares. I even tried it restore with itunes 11.0 to ios 6.1.3 but I'm getting the same error.

(27 Sep '13, 11:44) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image

You can't restore to 6.1.3 anymore.

Go to and tell me what you see

(27 Sep '13, 11:55) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

I'm still on ios 6.0

(27 Sep '13, 12:03) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image

And I tried all the firmwares to restore it to.But no luck.

(27 Sep '13, 12:04) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image

I'm getting redirected to before that 3 additional resources display.

(27 Sep '13, 12:07) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image

your ONLY Option..

1 Check your Host file by going to in you computers browser.

2 if you see a TSS or Cydia page you need to clean your host file until you see this page.

3 make sure your iTunes is up to date.

4 Enter DFU Mode

Do not use any jailbreak tools to enter DFU Mode ( that would be Pwned DFU ), all you should have open is iTunes and follow these steps.

EASY DFU: Plug device into computer via USB. Don't look at the device, concentrate on the counting. Hold home+power for 10 seconds, then release power but keep holding home for 12 more seconds. Screen should be black

5 open iTunes and just hit " restore iPhone "

Do NOT try and restore any 6.x IPSW's just hit " Restore iPhone " and let iTunes download the newest IPSW ( 7.0.2 ) ATM or it will fail..


answered 27 Sep '13, 15:45

Mark%20Hack's gravatar image

Mark Hack

edited 27 Sep '13, 15:48

I have ios 7 firmware file. I have downloaded it from Can I restore with it?

(28 Sep '13, 00:02) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image

no.. do like i said.. let iTunes do the work... " just hit " Restore iPhone " and let iTunes download the newest IPSW ( 7.0.2 ) ATM or it will fail.. "

(28 Sep '13, 00:10) Mark Hack Mark%20Hack's gravatar image

Still figuring out if he's trolling or just slow.

(28 Sep '13, 00:13) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

Probably slow. Giving up a jailbreak in exchange for a My Little Pony GUI...

(28 Sep '13, 01:51) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

After roaming the site for hours trying to find a solution to my problem, I'm beginning to believe the solution really does not exist. Sadface. First off let me apologize as I was unable to find the "add new comment" button anywhere on the page. In the past I had jailbroken my former idevices but fell out of the loop for a few months and recently decided to get back into it. Unfortunately from what I've read around the site the general consensus seems to be "you're too late". I refused to believe it but now I'm reaching out as my last ditch effort even though I'm 90% sure I know what the answer will be: I'm on a never jailbroken iPhone 4S with 6.0 wanting to go to 6.1.2. That means there's no hope for me as far as jailbreaking goes and I might as well go ahead and restore to 7.0.2, cross my fingers, and hope that the untethered jailbreak arrives before xmas? I just don't see what other option I have. Considering the community has started to lean more towards an exploit on the newest version rather than backtracking, (which is completely understandable considering the circumstances) I don't see any reason for me to stick around with 6.0 waiting for something to arrive that won't. Double sadface.

(04 Oct '13, 06:20) DT Lando DT%20Lando's gravatar image

stay on 6.0 and jailbreak. you cannot go to 6.1.2

(04 Oct '13, 06:40) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Although it is not documented error, and i cannot say for sure, but i suspect it is what you migh get if your itunes is not the latest which is must to handle ios7.


answered 27 Sep '13, 12:26

slavakulikoff's gravatar image


i have updated itunes.

(27 Sep '13, 12:27) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image

I'm really pissed.

(27 Sep '13, 12:27) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image

Again it is undocumented error, and since you are updating to unjailbroken 7.x it has nothong to do with jailbreak. However, rather being pissed, why wont you use google? Simple search reveals this

(27 Sep '13, 12:31) slavakulikoff slavakulikoff's gravatar image

I didn't find any usefull... Thats why I am getting help from you all.

(27 Sep '13, 12:37) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image

and not only 7.0, I even tried 6.0.1 and 6.1.3 but no luck.

(27 Sep '13, 12:39) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image

For the last time you cant try to restore to any iOS 6,it wont work

(27 Sep '13, 14:19) King Shoot King%20Shoot's gravatar image

Okay, Then i will try to restore when there will be a update for ios 7.

(27 Sep '13, 15:01) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image

By the way thanks to you both for the advice.

(27 Sep '13, 15:03) Chitwinder Chitwinder's gravatar image
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