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my iphone 3gs running 6.1.3 is draining battery so fast. it reduces battery by 10% overnight even though not in use. i keep brightness in a low level and barely uses apps or wifi. disabled 3g and location services. and still it drains battery so fast. or is this just normal?

but i think ios 4.1 does not drain battery so fast. due to hardware issues like the home and lock button, i rely on assistive touch. and if i would restore 4.1 would i be able to use apps and is there a cydia tweak similar to assistive touch that would work on 4.1. THANKS!

asked 22 May '13, 06:54

seems%20legit's gravatar image

seems legit

edited 22 May '13, 07:03

Unless the phone is OFF, 10% drainage overnight is not unusual. Keep in mind that in sleep mode, the cellular radio is listening for calls; this takes power. On a 3GS, which has an old(ish) battery, you're doing better than average.

(22 May '13, 08:20) spockers ♦ spockers's gravatar image

thanks, no need to restore then.

(22 May '13, 10:43) seems legit seems%20legit's gravatar image

You can use Activator, just set an action to simulate a lock button or a home button press. IMO, its better than assistive touch because its less obtrusive.


answered 22 May '13, 07:33

pzp1997's gravatar image


will that work on 4.1? thanks for the reply

(22 May '13, 08:16) seems legit seems%20legit's gravatar image
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