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Jailbreaqa said there is jailbreak to ios 6.1.3 but tetherd and for 4th generator i found another better than reds0w and it works with me i wish it works to u too!

First of all u need sn0wbreeze (u can search for it on google and download it) Second u will need ios 6.1.3 firmware (u can find it on google too) Third u will need to backup ur device full backup 4th now open unrar sn0wbreeze and connect ur phone by wire to the computer. 5th there is an message will appear to u press ok and then next then click browse for ipsw (6.1.3 ios) then next then select simple mode after that it will take some mins to complete the loading then it will tells u it's done click ok and then put ur device in dfu mode by the instrdactions on the app and then it will loads. Note : run app as admin 6th now it will finish and the itunes will run automatically if not just run it and u need to use iTunes 10 at least or higher version now click on shift+restore or options+restore if u r on mac an select sn0wbreez ipsw on desktop. after that u will find new window click on restore and it will going to begin wait to finish and then go to ibooty on desktop open it and go to dfu mode and then follow the instradction and then u will find cydia ! Now u can restore .

sorry because my bad english and sorry because no links . this way tested on my iphone 4 and it works. * if u find error 3194 u will need to go to c:/windows/system 32/drivers/etc hosts with notepad as admin and u will find at the last of page and and delete them and save changes and restart ur pc.

Wish it works to u and press like to help other people thx

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Answer to a question that was never asked ;)

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Tried to help people !!!

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You're certifiable, you know that right?

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