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Hi team

I have an iPhone 5, 32GB with iOS6.1 which is jailbroken, until recently I assumed everything was fine until I went to backup. When I do, I'm presented with this error message - [1]

I've looked through questions without much success, as well as going on the Jailbreakqa IRC channel but still haven't had much luck

So far I've tried: -Different computer / different usb cable -Restarting computers several times, restarting phone by holding home and power buttons -Reset all settings -I've tried doing encrypted backup and normal backup, as well as trying to backup to iCloud through iTunes (no luck) -I don't have any previous backups in iTunes (formatted my PC recently) so I don't have to move them to another location and clear them from iTunes as suggested on the net. - Restarting the phone in Safe mode and trying to back up that way.

I know this is a long shot, but I'm hoping I may be able to get some assistance.

Alternatively if you can recommend a decent way for me to backup my data, such as messages, contacts, images etc that would be a huge help.


asked 16 May '13, 21:05

rowey's gravatar image


No luck downgrading iTunes then?

(16 May '13, 21:07) frvkrvmlrkb frvkrvmlrkb's gravatar image

I believe this has something to do with the Lockdownd folder in your iOS file system. Was that altered some how?

(16 May '13, 21:15) JuergenWest ♦ JuergenWest's gravatar image

DwayneTL - I'm going to try an older version of iTunes now.

JuergenWest - I didn't knowingly make any changes to the folder you mentioned, is there any way this can be reversed?

(16 May '13, 21:23) rowey rowey's gravatar image

I just tried the 10.7 version of iTunes and still no luck

(16 May '13, 21:29) rowey rowey's gravatar image

I tried a few more suggestions mentioned by Spockers in the IRC channel, he got me to delete some photos.sqlite files and let the image gallery rebuild itself, but it still made no difference (I have 3300+ photos)

I'd be keen to know more about what JuergenWest said in relation to Lockdown folder?

(16 May '13, 22:55) rowey rowey's gravatar image

If you have no luck for now;

To back up:

  • Images/Videos/Misc. - "Dropbox" (from App Store)

  • Contacts - "Contacts Backup - IS Contacts Kit Free" (from App Store)

  • Messages - "CopyTrans" (on PC)


answered 16 May '13, 21:28

frvkrvmlrkb's gravatar image


edited 16 May '13, 21:29

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