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Hi Guys,

I really appreciate if someone can help me with the best method to JailBreak and Unlock: iphone 3G Version 4.2.1(8C148) Firmware:5.15.04 on Window 7.

I have been reading the stuff from last 2 weeks and i am stuck with what to do ? But before doing it, i have few questions too: 1. Can i use my iphone on different carrier after Jailbreak and then Unlock without any issues. 2. Can i restore to default in case i need in future after jailbreak+Unlock. 3. what are the other possible problem i might face after jailbreaking and unlocking the iphone 3 G.

Might be i have put many question in one go, so please excuse me for that...i am fed up with checking many things on net so...please bare with me ...

Thanks a lot in advance...

asked 28 Feb '11, 17:15

ere9999's gravatar image


No, you can't unlock 5.15 baseband. You can install 6.15 baseband from iPad (with redsn0w), but it's not recommended as you can lose GPS functionality forever. After that normal restores won't work anymore and there is no way back. So no, no unlock. Wait for a new unlock.

You can jailbreak. Use redsn0w if you have a 3G. This can be undone at any time. Create a data backup and sync in iTunes before you start to be safe.


answered 28 Feb '11, 17:58

http's gravatar image

http ♦

Thanks a lot for your points: Some more help needed!:

1. What if i downgrade my iphone to 4.0.1 and then try jailbreak and unlocking it and the new unlock come for baseband 5.15.....can i restore it again to 4.2.1. Is it possible whatever i said in point 1.

  1. Is there any new unlock about to come for baseband 5.15.
  2. I really want to unlock my iphone, is snowbreeze will help.. 4.Please tell me what is the possible safer option as of now for me..

Awaiting your valuable suggestions !!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot in advance.........

(01 Mar '11, 11:56) ere9999 ere9999's gravatar image

You can downgrade firmware only if you have saved the shsh when 4.0.1 was the latest version from Apple. To save shsh now for 4.2.1, so that you later can downgrade to 4.2.1. Use TinyUmbrella to backup.

If you have 4.2.1 shsh backup, you can downgrade to 4.0.1, but you can still not unlock, as you can't downgrade the baseband.

A new unlock should come out soon. If you can't wait, install bb 6.15 as mentioned.

(01 Mar '11, 13:39) http ♦ http's gravatar image

Hi Thanks for your valuable we have some idea when the unlock for baseband 5.15 is about to come...Any idea...

(01 Mar '11, 13:53) ere9999 ere9999's gravatar image

Sorry for answering an old question, but some might find this relevant. It looks like you can downgrade the baseband to 5.13.04 depending on which scenario applies to you:

  1. (removed horribly wrong info)

  2. If you are still on 5.15.04, you can downgrade to 5.13.04 now using Fuzzyband 4.1, then unlock, but your iPhone 3G must have bootloader version 5.08 for this to work. (This will NOT work on a 3G with a different bootloader version, nor on 3GS or other iPhones.) Fuzzyband 4.1 may still be available via Cydia. (If not, and you're not willing to upgrade to 6.15.00, then your only option is to wait after iOS 5 has been publicly released.)


answered 19 Sep '11, 01:12

javelin's gravatar image


edited 04 Nov '11, 11:27

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

um. please explain how you can downgrade 6.15 after ios5 is released, but not now? theres no logic there.

(19 Sep '11, 01:16) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image

@javelin, iPhone 3G isn't getting ios5 anyways, you are saying with ios 5 you are able to downgrade basebands? the chances of apple releasing ios 5 with a baseband higher than 06.15.00 for the 3Gs seems very unlikely

(19 Sep '11, 01:23) 1L1keTurtles 1L1keTurtles's gravatar image

Hello Javelin, thanks for the information. I have an iPhone 3G (iOS 4.2.1 Baseband 05.15.04 Bootloader 5.8) I am just wondering if I go with the option #2 here, and Unlock this device.. Will that be without losing the GPS/Wifi/Carrier signals? Please suggest.

(14 Oct '11, 18:06) Tanzir Tanzir's gravatar image

It doesn't matter what firmware you downgrade to, your baseband will stay the same, so it's quite a pointless excercise, for now just use Redsn0w 0.9.6rc8 for an untethered jailbreak and use it an ipod. As for the unlock, the ipad baseband has already been mentioned and not recommended, but if you go and read MuscleNerds tweets you might find a glimmer of hope.

Your only other option is a factory unlock from official carrier, whoever that may be.


answered 01 Mar '11, 12:01

venusanann's gravatar image


Not the OP and you do not have gps on 6.15 (please use comments to add comments when your "answer" doesnt apply to the original posters question, thanks!


answered 20 Sep '11, 15:14

Alexster's gravatar image


edited 04 Nov '11, 11:40

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

How are you verifying that GPS is working, as opposed to wifi or cell tower triangulation?

(20 Sep '11, 15:20) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Well as per your response I just checked and my Wifi is turned off!! Granted there may be cell tower triangulation but does it matter?? Thanks for clarifying, btw.

(20 Sep '11, 23:06) Alexster Alexster's gravatar image
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