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I have made my own zepplin logo and transfered it to the zepplin folder in ifile, but how do I make it like the zepplin logos on cydia where anyone can download it? I assume that you have to use theos to do that but I can't figure out how to do it.I have looked every where for how to do this but can't find how to make it so that other people can download it from cydia. If anyone here has made a zepplin logo and uploaded it to a cydia repo or knows of a good tutorial for how to do this please let me know. By the way I have theos all set up I just need help figuring out where to go from here. Thank you for for your help!

asked 12 May '13, 11:19

dr3whunt3r's gravatar image


Upload it to a Cydia repo, duh.

I recommend BigBoss:


answered 12 May '13, 15:47

Nexuist's gravatar image

Nexuist ♦

Do I just upload the folder with the logos or do I need to make it into a .deb file with theos?

(12 May '13, 15:52) dr3whunt3r dr3whunt3r's gravatar image

Turn it into a .deb and upload that.

(12 May '13, 15:54) Nexuist ♦ Nexuist's gravatar image

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(12 May '13, 15:55) Nexuist ♦ Nexuist's gravatar image

How I turn it into a .deb? What do I need to type into terminal? Thank you for your help so far. Sorry it didn't have add comment because I wasn't signed-in.

(12 May '13, 16:02) dr3whunt3r dr3whunt3r's gravatar image

I believe you type "make package" in the directory of the tweak.

(12 May '13, 16:10) Nexuist ♦ Nexuist's gravatar image

What type do I make tweak, app, library, preference bundle, or tool?

(12 May '13, 16:31) dr3whunt3r dr3whunt3r's gravatar image


(12 May '13, 16:32) Nexuist ♦ Nexuist's gravatar image

Ok, I setup the tweak but now how do I get it to transfer the folder with my zeppelin logos to the zeppelin folder?

(12 May '13, 16:44) dr3whunt3r dr3whunt3r's gravatar image

Is there some way for me to look at other peoples code from their zepplin logos to see how they did this?

(12 May '13, 16:59) dr3whunt3r dr3whunt3r's gravatar image

Actually the correct command to make a deb would be dpkg-deb -b folder.

In the folder goes the correct hierachy (var/mobile etc folders) and a DEBIAN folder with the control file and any post/preinst commands.

Here is a great tutorial you can follow (the How to make a Package part):

(12 May '13, 18:49) jk9357 jk9357's gravatar image

Add the repo "piracy source removed". Then search for iDeb from that repo and install it. Look for the app and follow the instructions provided.

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answered 04 Nov '15, 21:09

eturk49's gravatar image


edited 08 Nov '15, 16:07

xamas's gravatar image


Why are you waking up a topic from two years ago?

(04 Nov '15, 21:41) xamas xamas's gravatar image

why do u care. I'm just trying to help.

(07 Nov '15, 11:15) eturk49 eturk49's gravatar image

You don't help by promoting a piracy website!

(07 Nov '15, 12:36) xamas xamas's gravatar image

It's not on the big boss or any other repos. This is the only way to get it. Leave me alone

(08 Nov '15, 08:40) eturk49 eturk49's gravatar image

Yes it is if you bothered to look. So if you're going to promote piracy, just go away please.......

(08 Nov '15, 10:14) xamas xamas's gravatar image

It is on other repos except the version isn't downloadable because it hasn't been updated. If you did your research you would know that the last time it was updated was for iOS 5 . Now for the third time. Leave me alone. I'm just trying to help.

(08 Nov '15, 15:03) eturk49 eturk49's gravatar image

I'm a pirate

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answered 07 Nov '15, 11:15

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edited 08 Nov '15, 16:06

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