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Hi, I've just recently been given an old iphone 3GS which is my first iphone and even my first ever iOS device. I'm in the UK and the iPhone is an Australian model, jailbroken on iOS 4.1 and network unlocked with ultras0w.

iPhone details Model MC131x Modem Firmware (Baseband?) 06.15.00 Bootrom 359.3.2 (New?)

I have no blobs stored as far as I know, apart from 4.1->6.1.3?

I am competent with a PC and have been reading plenty of guides on updating and JB'ing, unlocking etc, but as I'm still learning the basics of iphones/ios I'm finding it hard to find information that applies to my particular set of circumstances - recently reading about 6.1.3, baseband versions and my 'new' bootrom has further confused me.

Can someone please confirm whether or not I am stuck on iOS 4.1? If it is possible for me to update and Jilbreak AND Unlock without original SIM... Can someone please point me towards whichever guide(s) are relevant to my device? I don't care if its a semi/tethered jailbreak, I don't even care if I can only upgrade to iOS5... someone please just tell me I can update this thing from IOS4 and unlock it again.

ANY help would be appreciated.

asked 07 May '13, 10:54

thesweeney's gravatar image


If you don't have any shsh blobs, you can update to '6.1.3'. It's a tethered jailbreak and yes, you can unlock your iPhone with ultrasn0w again. Before that, tell me your serial number.


answered 07 May '13, 11:04

xpaw's gravatar image


edited 07 May '13, 11:12

Thanks for the reply, just wondering what you need my serial number for?

also, is there any prolem with me being on the above baseband (06.15.00)? I don't have to downgrade or something?

Any chance you can point me towards a guide suitable for the process I need to carry out? or is it simply a case of... 1. update via iTunes to 6.1.3 2. Jailbreak with Sn0wbreeze??? 3. Boot-only with snowbreeze 4. install ultrasn0w with cydia 5. unlock with ultrasn0w

If you need the serial to confirm which jailbreak process is suitable etc let me know


(07 May '13, 12:41) thesweeney thesweeney's gravatar image

Read this.

(07 May '13, 15:38) xpaw xpaw's gravatar image

SN doesn't matter because device is already at 6.15 so we know it's "safe". Alternatively, Australia iPhones are easy to factory unlock if you don't have an untethered iOS 6.x option, you may want to go that route, I think we unlock most Oz carriers for around $25 at

(08 May '13, 03:27) JuergenWest ♦ JuergenWest's gravatar image
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