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i'm having a problem with receiving sms sound alerts on my iphone 5 jailbroken with evasion on 6.1.2 it is not an hardware issue because everything works fine on safemode! currently i have bite sms but it is not causing the problem because i removed it to test... and what is really weird is that if i am inside the messages app i receive the sound, otherwise (in lockscreen, springboard or any other app) i only receive vibration alert

please help me thanks

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asked 03 May '13, 16:23

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closed 04 May '13, 17:06

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spockers ♦♦

do you have SB settings installed ?

(03 May '13, 16:29) Gsurels Gsurels's gravatar image

no but i also checked in a forum that it could be the bite alerts toggle off, so i installed it just to make sure it wasn't the cause of the problem...

(03 May '13, 16:33) Goncalo1995 Goncalo1995's gravatar image

I had that issue but it was because I held down on one of the contacts and that caused it to " mute " the alert. I also had SMS alerts toggled off in SB settings. Did you go into the settings app and make sure nothing there was turned off ?

(03 May '13, 16:34) Gsurels Gsurels's gravatar image

i don't have any contact muted, and i have checked everything. even if i change the sound it doens't fix the issue. maybe the solution is deleting some files by ssh or ifile but i'm not expert and don't want to delete files randomly

(03 May '13, 16:37) Goncalo1995 Goncalo1995's gravatar image

that's a good call because you can get yourself in serious trouble that way. I would definitely wait to see if some else on here responds. they usually do.

(03 May '13, 16:39) Gsurels Gsurels's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by spockers, 04 May '13, 17:06

Try going to settings -> sounds and turn off both vibrate on ring and silent then reboot. Then go back and turn them both on then reboot. Trying those steps a few times has worked for me before after getting no sms alerts.

But if that doesn't work it's probably a tweak that you've installed right before the problem happened since you said it works in safe mode. Uninstall your most recent tweaks and see if that fixes it


answered 03 May '13, 17:32

aznbriansux's gravatar image


first time didn't work :( will try a few more

(03 May '13, 20:23) Goncalo1995 Goncalo1995's gravatar image

anyone else is having this problem?


answered 04 May '13, 15:57

Goncalo1995's gravatar image


what was causing the problem is speakevents, btw thanks for your help :)


answered 04 May '13, 16:45

Goncalo1995's gravatar image


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