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Like the 'iOS 6 Cydia Tweaks Compatibility List', is there a 'iOS 6 Cydia Tweaks Description List'? Every tweak listed and what it does.

asked 02 May '13, 10:27

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I am sure there is a list as I have seen one somewhere online in relation to a woman named Cammy that writes for maybe start there. As for tweaks that are IOS 6+ compilable I will list what I have that works with IOS 6+ with what they do. ( I am on IOS 6.1.2 )

Activator ( assign gestures like triple tap home button or 2,3 and 4 finger slide or 1,2,3 tap status bar to do anything, like launch apps like text message or phone calls. it really has a TON of gestures. too many to list. )

Applocker ( allows you to pick and choose which apps you want ie: contacts, photos, text message app etc. to lock without having to lock them all )

Auto app killer ( allows you to not have to open the switcher and close out apps manually )

Auxo ( this tweak overhauls the whole switcher tray and is one of the better tweaks available in Cydia )

Barrel ( allows you to pick animations to make your apps flip and jumble when moving page to page )

Browse in app ( allows you to browse links in app without being redirected to safari if you choose to )

Callbar ( this one is one of my top 3 tweaks. Allows you to answer phone calls without being interrupted if you are in an app when the call comes in )

Color Keyboard ( allows you to custom color the letter keyboard )

Display Candy ( allows you to set animations when opening and exiting apps )

grid tab for safari ( allows you to see multiple safari pages in a grid pattern on one screen view )

Lock Info ( allows you to have a weather widget on your lockscreen & receive notifications on your lockscreen like email etc. )

NC tab clock ( allows you to view your clock and battery percentage when in a full screen app )

Pluck ( allows you to access your music library from the lockscreen )

Power down enhancer ( allows you to assign and password protect power down button )

Springtomize 2 ( allows you to customize & tweak every part of your iphone )

Torch ( allows you to add a flashlight button to your lockscreen )

TV Locker Pro ( Allows you to have a old school tube TV animation when locking your phone )

UnlockFX ( allows you to have custom animations when unlocking your phone )

Volume Customize ( allows you to custom color you volume HUD. Solid or Gradient )

Winterboard ( allows you to set themes and other customizations to your phone )

Zephyr ( allows you to access your switcher by sliding up from the bottom of the screen instead of double tapping the home button )

Zepplin ( allows you to replace the carrier logo with small pictures or logo's )


answered 03 May '13, 12:24

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