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First forgive me if my questions are being silly as the site provides many answered questions already. But i am a newb in using iphone. Let me tell u the history first. i got the iphone 3gs 10 days ago from an elder brother as he intended to use iphone 5. in our country we share the sim card of same company. I used my sim in that iphone 3gs with previous apps and contacts. My brother updated it to the latest ios 6.1.3 (he telling now that it was on ios 4.1 before updating)and then the iphone failed to recognize my sim. I had to go to a general service center for mobiles assuming that it hang becoz of latest OS (i had not the slightest idea about these things then). that service center made the iphone workable again with IOS 4.1 (8B117) and cydia (now i know what cydia is and according to my brother it did not have cydia before he updated it to 6.1.3). later while using the iphone 3gs properly i was unable to install necessary apps as all are for IOS later than 4.1. So I googled for 2 days trying to know how to update (thus i know few things now and am able to tell about my problem). I downloaded ios 6.1 and tried to restore customized FW using snowbreeze. But then i came to know about itunes errors. from an assumption i unjailbroke the phone by uninsalling cydia from inside the phone WHEN THE REAL PROBLEM STARTED. Its working fine with the sim in it or with out the sim, getting wifi and all but in settings it shows network not available. i tried two different sim but all i can use are the apps. Later i tried few solutions and came to know about SHSH blobs. unfortunately tinyumbrella now not getting any blobs from cydia. But later redsn0w fetched 16 blobs but i cant find them. Now the description of my iphone: 3gs, new bootrom, BB: 06.15.00, ios 4.1: IME search shows that; Activation stat: activated, Registered: yes, Contract stat: Out , others: expired. I had read some solutions which requires to use specifically FW 6.0 and to downgrade BB to 5.xxxx. I am suspecting that i wont be able to get any blobs now. CAN I USE OTHER BLOBS SAVED BY DIFFERENT IPHONE 3GS?? I want to update to 6.0 or plus. any problem if i remain in this BB. THEN WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO UPDATE TO 6.0 or 6.1. But i googled today that unthetherd jailbreak is available for 6.1.3 , is that right?? if then i can update to that latest ios and avoid itunes errors and SHSH blobs problems as this IOS supports iPhones 3gs. NOW plz help me and advise me to update and how to use my sim. thanks in advance.

asked 30 Apr '13, 04:16

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whats the first 5 character of your serial number


answered 10 May '13, 04:08

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