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So I tried to jailbreak my iPhone which is on 6.1.3 with redsn0w. The problem is that my power button is broken so I couldn't get into DFU mode normally so I had to using this After I entered the DFU mode ( I believe ) I tried jailbreaking my iPhone following the semi-tethered instructions for 6.1.3 but the jailbreak didn't continue after the first stage so I closed redsn0w.

The problem is that after I closed redsn0w my phone won't turn on anymore and my power button is dead aswell. Can anyone help me?

asked 27 Apr '13, 06:27

Deathrip's gravatar image


@Deathrip Do the stock ipsw file names this iPhone 4 needs begin with iPhone3,1 or iPhone3,2 or iPhone3,3?

(28 Apr '13, 23:41) IgetITeh IgetITeh's gravatar image

Get that button fixed. Tethered jailbreak + broken button = impossible. Tethered jailbreaks need to run just boot tethered after every reboot using ibooty or redsn0w and they both need working buttons buttons for dfu sequence.


answered 27 Apr '13, 06:38

justinred's gravatar image

justinred ♦

But the problem right now is that I can't even turn on my phone. Since this phone was jailbroken before the Apple Store won't fix it for me. Is there no way to turn it on?

(27 Apr '13, 06:41) Deathrip Deathrip's gravatar image

Connect to latest itunes and click restore button.

(27 Apr '13, 06:44) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

My pc doesn't pick up the iPhone :(.

(27 Apr '13, 06:52) Deathrip Deathrip's gravatar image

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(27 Apr '13, 07:04) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

Press hold home button and connect cable to computer with itunes until it detects it.

(27 Apr '13, 07:06) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

I've tried that aswell. It won't pick up my iPhone

(27 Apr '13, 08:53) Deathrip Deathrip's gravatar image

Then go get that button fixed. Since apple store cannot turn it on, they won't know it is jailbroken.

(27 Apr '13, 09:11) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

My warranty is out already >_<.

(27 Apr '13, 09:14) Deathrip Deathrip's gravatar image

Also I was wondering, is it possible to just let the batteries run out and try to charge it up again in x weeks? Right now if I connect it to a power source it also won't start up.

(27 Apr '13, 09:21) Deathrip Deathrip's gravatar image

Do yourself a favor and have the button fixed. It doesn't have to be at the apple store, it can be done by hardware techs in 3rd party cellshops.

(28 Apr '13, 06:17) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

(Tethered jailbreak + broken button is possible, presently for 6.1.3 at least, but is extremely undesirable for sure.)

(28 Apr '13, 10:36) IgetITeh IgetITeh's gravatar image

@IgetITeh care to tell how you can manage to just boot with a broken button?

(28 Apr '13, 19:31) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

Just Boot identifies that the device is already in DFU mode, and consequently proceeds accordingly.

(28 Apr '13, 19:56) IgetITeh IgetITeh's gravatar image

@IgetITeh. Wut? How do you get to dfu in the first place?

(28 Apr '13, 20:06) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

Due to the tutorial that the OP completed, the iPhone goes into DFU mode when it's switched on (or rebooted) instead of displaying the apple.

(28 Apr '13, 20:34) IgetITeh IgetITeh's gravatar image

@IgetITeh. It is because OP restored to a DFU ipsw. DFU ipsw is not a functional OS even if your just boot it a million times. DFU ipsw restore is only a temporary step so that one can place a device in pwned dfu and be able to restore to a custom ipsw.

(28 Apr '13, 21:13) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

@justinred I successfully jailbreaked 6.1.3 on my old and new bootrom iPhone2,1 in this manner some weeks ago. Which limera1n-able device types are you aware of that it's proven to be impossible on?

(The OP's situation is potentially anomalous, and consequently not proof re: iPhone3,1/iPhone3,2 by itself.)

(28 Apr '13, 22:03) IgetITeh IgetITeh's gravatar image

Different banana. OP has a broken button. an iP4, trying to restore to 6.1.3 & jailbreak tethered.

(28 Apr '13, 22:07) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

I will retry a DFU mode 6.1.3 Shift-Restore + redsn0w 0.9.15b3 Install Cydia via 6.0 ipsw on my 86949 3GS accordingly (as soon as I can) to double-check whether the power button is necessary for it (in case I pressed it without realizing originally).

(28 Apr '13, 22:44) IgetITeh IgetITeh's gravatar image

@IgetITeh. It seems you have a comprehension issue here. It is not possible to do "just boot tethered" on an iPhone 4 running 6.1.3 tethered jailbreak with a broken button. Unless you have the same set up, you are just wasting our time. Your 3gs set up is different from the original poster's set up. Stop flooding his question with irrelevant comments. Nuff said.

(28 Apr '13, 22:57) justinred ♦ justinred's gravatar image

Try unplugging the USB connector, reboot the PC, open iTunes then plug the iPhone into USB whist pressing its Home button in (and keep it pressed in for a while if nothing happens immediately) to see if iTunes sees it.

If it doesn't, run TinyUmbrella and if it sees a device (with a question mark and/or numbers as its name) then click that device's [Exit Recovery] and see if iTunes sees it after that.

If it doesn't, then let the battery drain and retry those steps thereafter.

When iTunes sees it you can restore it to stock 6.1.3 (including via Shift-Restore with the IPSW pre-downloaded).


answered 28 Apr '13, 10:28

IgetITeh's gravatar image


Why would he Shift-Restore to iOS 6.1.3 if it is the latest version and is being signed?

(28 Apr '13, 12:51) pzp1997 pzp1997's gravatar image

@pzp1997 iTunes will permit either Restore or Shift-Restore (as usual) and my personal choice would be to pre-download and Shift-Restore the stock IPSW (when iTunes eventually sees the device) to get it operating normally again as quickly as possible.

P.S. The OP might still have it pre-downloaded too (via the tutorial they used).

(28 Apr '13, 15:45) IgetITeh IgetITeh's gravatar image
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