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How to fix some mysterious problems.

Have this strange problem as of late. It seems to appear when I have a bitesms notification and a low battery notification. What is strange is that it happens on lock screen. Anyone experienced similar issue? I just don't want to go through all the dylibs at the moment

asked 24 Apr '13, 10:14

4004's gravatar image


I use Bite and no, I haven't have any issues.

(24 Apr '13, 10:22) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image

Try using crash reporter so u will know what cause the phone to crash

(24 Apr '13, 15:36) Kaung1999 Kaung1999's gravatar image

attempted to make your log a pastie but its over 64kb and complains, it can be seen by clicking "more>see revisions"

Pastebin FTW! xD


answered 27 Apr '13, 16:10

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edited 27 Apr '13, 17:11

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spockers ♦♦


(28 Apr '13, 12:27) 4004 4004's gravatar image

I see its calling Securityd and i see udid faker. Please open cydia, tap manage, tap sources. Please list your sources. Tap manage, tap packages, please list your packages


answered 27 Apr '13, 16:29

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

Standard sources + crazydoraemon.myrepospace All I can deduce from the crash log is that I was right and it crashes because of the lowpowerpopup Didn't know udidfaker has a dylib, but I doubt it's the cause.

(27 Apr '13, 16:51) 4004 4004's gravatar image

whats the full url for that myrepospace repo?

(27 Apr '13, 17:05) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Can't add a dam comment because of antispam. As it turns out I don't have that repo anymore, but I do have angelxwind and pushfix repos. Not that they add any dylibs to the system

(28 Apr '13, 12:33) 4004 4004's gravatar image

Had a crash today and found no reports in crash reporter. The circumstances were as usual, but nothing in CR

(28 Apr '13, 12:33) 4004 4004's gravatar image

are you going to list full url's for these repo's or just keep dodging the question. It makes troubleshooting difficult when you dont fully answer.

(28 Apr '13, 15:27) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

deb apt. saurik.?om/ ios/793.00 main deb v. ./ deb cydia.pushfix. inf?/ ./ deb cydia. zodttd. ??m/repo/cydia/ stable main deb apt. thebigboss.?rg/repofiles/cydia/ stable main deb cydia .myrepospace.??m/theavenger/ ./ deb cydia .angelxwind.n?t/ ./ deb apt .modmyi.?om/ stable main

(28 Apr '13, 18:23) 4004 4004's gravatar image
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