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I have somehow ended up updating iphone 3GS to ios 6.1.3. I have jailbroken using Redsn0w with downgrade BB option checked and I have now Cydia working. My BB is now 5.16.08

Phone is detecting my SIM and reporting carrier correctly, but it is getting stuck at searching carrier. If I turn off automatic carrier selection, it reports "Unable to load network list" immediately.

So I am now stuck up with iphone not usable as a phone. Any way out?

What is the serial number?

(01 Apr '13, 13:56) iAdam1n ♦ iAdam1n's gravatar image


(01 Apr '13, 14:02) jmdesai jmdesai's gravatar image

You can use redsn0w to install iPad baseband. Once done, downgrade it and you will get 05.13.04. Then install ultrasn0w.

(01 Apr '13, 14:04) iAdam1n ♦ iAdam1n's gravatar image

Will try...

(01 Apr '13, 14:09) jmdesai jmdesai's gravatar image

While installing ipad baseband, Error displayed on device after exiting from REdsnow.

(01 Apr '13, 14:20) jmdesai jmdesai's gravatar image

Hello @jmdesai, welcome back! If you will try to jailbreak as well flash iPad baseband, the iphone will show error. And you cannot downgrade baseband directly from 5.16 which you try to do while jailbreaking so could be the cause of error.. The best would be to restore to 6.1.3 and then only flash iPad baseband without installing Cydia. After that downgrade baseband. Then jailbreak with cydia checked (Or use sn0wbreeze to jailbreak, hacktivate and preserve baseband). Then ultrasn0w. Hope it will work.

(01 Apr '13, 14:41) sandkuma002 sandkuma002's gravatar image

Restore to 6.1.3 --> OK.

Flash iPad baseband without installing Cydia --> OK. Now I have BB6.15

Downgrade baseband --> Redsn0w successful burt Error displayed on phone.

UPDATE: After a few attempts, I am now at BB5.13.04. Will now try next step.

(02 Apr '13, 02:29) jmdesai jmdesai's gravatar image

Please flash 6.15 again and then downgrade again. I am sure you are doing slide to power off and also while downgrading baseband, uncheck cydia, just recheck. Try another way also, click jailbreak, tick cydia and downgrade baseband both. Hope it will work.

(02 Apr '13, 02:37) sandkuma002 sandkuma002's gravatar image

Thank u @sandkum002, "slide to power off" was the culprit. These hacks are so finicky and sometimes buggy.....Now I have Cydia installed with BB5.13.04. Hopefully I am done. Now I will have to install semitether or ultrasnow when I get wifi internet at home in the evening (we do not have wifi at job)

(02 Apr '13, 03:18) jmdesai jmdesai's gravatar image

We may call them hacks but these are high end software and they work with certain procedures like all other softwares. And just for your info, utrasn0w may not work yet with 6.1.3 which I last heard. So your feedback will be valuable. In that case, you will have to downgrade ios to 6.x or 5.x which ever shsh blobs are healthy with you (use ifaith to check)

(02 Apr '13, 04:45) sandkuma002 sandkuma002's gravatar image

Just got the confirmation from @adaminsull that ultrasn0w works with 6.1.3 :)

(02 Apr '13, 05:57) sandkuma002 sandkuma002's gravatar image

Good news. I also took q from

Regarding my comment above regarding Redsn0w, I used the word "hacks" in the sense that they are unforgiving to any lapse in following the procedure, and procedure is often not well documented, save the immense help by fellow members on forums like jailbreakqa. Otherwise Redsn0w is a sophisticated piece of software.

(02 Apr '13, 07:02) jmdesai jmdesai's gravatar image

GREAT NEWS. Success at last. After installing ultrasn0w, my SIM starts working. I have also installed Thanks to @sandkuma002, @adaminsull and all those who helped. :-)

(02 Apr '13, 13:50) jmdesai jmdesai's gravatar image

Hi i've got big problem. I have only 4.1 shsh on my iphone 3gs 6.1.3 :/ Can i Downgrade it to 4.1 with shsh, and next upgrade to 6.1.2 without shsh files? please help


answered 02 Apr '13, 13:05

atialim's gravatar image


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