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Hi,i need ur help..few days ago I update my iphone5 buy to version 6.1.3(10B329) I want to jailbreak it & enjoy to download iphone 5 is un-locked.. Model MD662X/A Modem Firmware 3.04.25 Version 6.13(10B329) so plez reply me can I jailbreak it...if I can so plez send me a link..i really thankfull to u...

asked 30 Mar '13, 20:50

sunnyboy's gravatar image


closed 30 Mar '13, 22:43

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

It still baffles me how people can accidentally download and apply over a billion bytes of data, unless they're at Apple HQ and plugged directly into Apple's server. xD

(30 Mar '13, 20:53) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

thanks for help

(30 Mar '13, 22:02) sunnyboy sunnyboy's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by spockers, 30 Mar '13, 22:43

You can't.


answered 30 Mar '13, 20:51

kirb's gravatar image

kirb ♦

So I need to wait for new jailbreak comes up??

(30 Mar '13, 20:53) sunnyboy sunnyboy's gravatar image

can I update 6.1.3 to 6.1.2 then I use jailbreak!!???

(30 Mar '13, 20:56) sunnyboy sunnyboy's gravatar image

You cannot get 6.1.2.

(30 Mar '13, 20:57) iAdam1n ♦ iAdam1n's gravatar image

That site say we can jailbreak iphone 5 6.1.3 is it`s true!!?? plez reply me thanks..

(30 Mar '13, 20:58) sunnyboy sunnyboy's gravatar image

It's a scam site. Don't trust it.

(30 Mar '13, 20:59) Nexuist ♦ Nexuist's gravatar image

Thank`s to tell me.. did u know when new jailbreak is coming I really need mob is looking shet now..

(30 Mar '13, 21:01) sunnyboy sunnyboy's gravatar image

"Please don't ask about future jailbreaks, piracy, ETA's or iOS betas."

(30 Mar '13, 21:02) Nexuist ♦ Nexuist's gravatar image

No, see the top of the page.

(30 Mar '13, 21:03) kirb ♦ kirb's gravatar image

ok thanks.

(30 Mar '13, 21:06) sunnyboy sunnyboy's gravatar image

how can I know then new jailbreak comes so I jailbreak my iphone5 6.1.3

(30 Mar '13, 21:12) sunnyboy sunnyboy's gravatar image

Just keep on checking this site. You can also follow the devs on Twitter or check frequently.

(30 Mar '13, 21:15) Nexuist ♦ Nexuist's gravatar image

Please use the "add new comment" button if you are not answering the original question.

(30 Mar '13, 21:18) iAdam1n ♦ iAdam1n's gravatar image

Thanks Every one for reply..i keep checking this site every day..i love to be jailbreak my mob I hope soon I will get new jailbreak on EvasiOn... if any one know then plez let me know..Thanks again..have a good day..thanks for help..


answered 30 Mar '13, 21:22

sunnyboy's gravatar image



Please use the "add new comment" button if you are not answering the original question.

(30 Mar '13, 21:24) Nexuist ♦ Nexuist's gravatar image

Humanity just might be doomed. Sad.

(30 Mar '13, 22:45) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

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Asked: 30 Mar '13, 20:50

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