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I have a 3GS and have just gone through the process of jail breaking using the Green poison method.

It went through the jail breaking bit ok, but when i installed cydia, it didn't seem to be downloading and after about 40 times of trying it had installed cydia.

But now cydia will not load, it look like its jut about to launch the app but then does nothing.

I have restarted many times and went thru the initial jailbreak process again, but cydia was already installed.

Can anyone help me, many thanks for reading my message.

asked 24 Feb '11, 04:33

lk82's gravatar image


looks like you're using greenpois0n rc5. use rc6-1


answered 24 Feb '11, 04:46

raviraj%20jailbreak%20guru's gravatar image

raviraj jailbreak guru

Pretty sure it was in 6 to start with as i downloaded it from gp site. but fresh download and ive gone through the process again, but no change.

You click on cydia and it shakes slightly and then stops.

(24 Feb '11, 05:01) lk82 lk82's gravatar image

Pretty sure it was in 6 to start with as i downloaded it from gp site. but fresh download and ive gone through the process again, but no change.

You click on cydia and it shakes slightly and then stops.


answered 24 Feb '11, 05:02

lk82's gravatar image


I take it you've rebooted your device as soon as the jailbreak had finished?


answered 24 Feb '11, 16:52

chez1978's gravatar image


Hey I just did a jailbreak for my ipod 3g ios 4.2.1 and used green poison 6.1 too. the first time I had the same problem as you but i think i figured it out.

it took until the third attempt but i think you just have to make sure the process isn't interrupted. Here is what i did to make it work, first thing is to restore everything and do the jailbreak again from scratch (only way i could figure out bc you can't delete those buttons)

next thing is to make sure you turn off all your notifications (and I'm tempted to say to set your device not to autolock for a while just in case but i forgot to do that and it seems alright). Now i also forgot to reinstall all my apps again from itunes so i only had the standard apps so no facebook or anything else that sends notifications anyway (i dunno if you need to do this, i just forgot to reinstall)

and then just connect to the net and run the loader that green poison gives you. That should install cydia for you. (make sure not to touch it until you reckon its done. I think it comes up with a thing about not enough memory or something, DON'T dismiss that, just leave it)

Basically just let it run, go off and do something else while you wait, it doesn't matter. (there may be some restarts at some point or that may come later)

then last thing is to tap the cydia app that should have appeared and go through that process, it should update and give you packages. I have to admit i'm a bit of a newbie so i just chose whatever options looked alright but it seems to work. the lists are all populated. I have yet to install anything just yet but everything looks fine atm.

anyway good luck. hopefully you can get it working dude :)


answered 25 Feb '11, 03:29

WizzPhiz's gravatar image


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