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do i need an antivirus for my iphone4 and wich ones are good witout making the iphone goes slow... thanks.

asked 24 Feb '11, 01:34

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You shouldn't have to worry about iPhone viruses. Just practice some iOS safe-computing.

  • Don't add unnecessary Cydia repos. The default, built-in ones are from trusted sources and contain most of the well-known apps.
  • If you enable SSH, make sure to change the default password for the root and mobile accounts to something other than "alpine".
  • Stay the heck away from cracked apps and pirated material. They come from questionable sources, hurt honest developers, and are the most likely way of getting infected with something (repackaged software is wrecking havoc and infecting many Android users).
  • Don't install whatever random files you come across. Always know what you are putting on your iOS device. Don't be a guinea pig!

answered 24 Feb '11, 08:04

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edited 24 Feb '11, 08:05

This is a great answer. If you follow posters guidance and change root and mobile passwords, your phone will be secure.

(24 Feb '11, 19:17) dhlizard dhlizard's gravatar image

Here, this keeps happening to Android users that use 3rd-party download repos:

(28 Feb '11, 16:18) Xenomorph Xenomorph's gravatar image

If suspect a virus, take a look at my answer at

Other than that, @Xenomorph's answer pretty much covers the rest of it.


answered 24 Feb '11, 18:05

Endareth's gravatar image


No. There is no AV software available yet. If you want to be safe, change the root and mobile passwords after jailbreaking. Also install only programs you know. And don't install addional repos - the default ones should be quite safe.

And finally - there is no virus available yet and AV software always protects only against knows viruses.


answered 24 Feb '11, 02:34

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http ♦

edited 24 Feb '11, 02:36


Not true, the Ikee virus is in the wild, though it can only infect devices that have OpenSSH installed with default passwords unchanged.

Also, decent AV software can also pick up unknown malware by heuristic scanning.

(24 Feb '11, 18:03) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

Add this repo - ILLEGALLY CRACKED SOFTWARE REPO - and search on the repo's list look for - ILLEGAL REPO - Security this will protect your device from pop ups Viruses and much more just read the info when you find it on their repo hope this helps you out.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 24 Feb '11, 05:16

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edited 24 Feb '11, 05:29

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