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One of my brother in laws has an iPhone 4 with 4.2.1 and its been jailbroken with greenpois0n for about 1.5 weeks now. No issues other than just today he was at 80% battery and was actually just talking on the phone and the other person could not hear him talking then his phone just shuts off and wouldn't turn back on. After talking to him on another line,I had him hold the home and power for around 12 seconds and it comes back up like nothing ever happened. Did it in fact go into DFU mode automatically and has that happened to anyone here and more importantly, is there anything to prevent that from happening. Ive never seen nor heard of it before till now. So I wasn't sure what to tell him other than if it goes back into that mode he should do the procedure again. I've jailbroken several phones and never seen or heard of that happening.

I did jailbreak his phone right out of the box and hes not at all fluent to phones in general.

Thanks! :)


asked 23 Feb '11, 16:09

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edited 23 Feb '11, 16:12


I think you need to have the device connected via usb to get into DFU mode. The only thing I could think of is overheating. I did have a few experiences when it just crashes but it restarts itself everytime.

(23 Feb '11, 18:53) koyut koyut's gravatar image

Since I didn't actually see what happened to his phone, its hard telling if it was heat. Ive got another friend with a 32gb i4 and he has had that overheating message on his screen before. Its still very possible it did overheat since he was using it all day and was on the phone when it went into DFU mode. Ive just never heard of one going into DFU mode without some kind of software or button pushing. :\

(23 Feb '11, 19:51) JJMAN JJMAN's gravatar image

This sounds more like a crash. You cannot go into DFU mode by software. If you press both buttons for 12 seconds, your device will reset. This is a good idea if it crashed.


answered 23 Feb '11, 18:43

http's gravatar image

http ♦

Got an Apple store nearby?, restore and get a genius to check it over, must be in warranty.


answered 23 Feb '11, 18:54

venusanann's gravatar image


I've been using iPhones for over 2 years, and this has happened to me once with iPhone 3G but not yet with my iPhone 4.

Was your brother in law iPhone low on battery when this happened? Its possible for the device to shut down due to low battery, but after some time the battery chemicals could settle in a way to show slightly better battery status allowing the phone to restart after a few minutes of cooling down.


answered 24 Feb '11, 01:10

knightz4u's gravatar image


He just got his iPhone 4 about 2 weeks ago tops. I asked him if he charged it the night before and all that. he said he did. After I had him hold the power+home and after like 12 seconds it came up and he said it had 82% battery. H never mentioned a warning or message about heat or anything. I mean if he was on it talking and it just shut down, its possible he just didnt see the warning. I cant think of any other explanation that would even make since other than heat. Unless its just a flaky phone.

(24 Feb '11, 09:02) JJMAN JJMAN's gravatar image

This happened again to another friend with an iphone 4. He has set it down for no more than 10 minutes and the the only way to get it back on was to hold down the home and power for 10 seconds. It came back on and worked without hitch. Normal power on would not work.

He said just prior to the shutdown that his battery was around 85% life.

No sign of it over heating or warning of heat, (I have seen screen shots of overheating from iPhone 4's) and it was in a DFU state and not just powered off.

Is it possible its something with GP? Ive never seen an iphone 4 or any iphone go into the DFU state by itself with no buttons pushed or software that can put them in dfu or anything. It was not connected to a computer with the cable either. Nor was my bro in laws.

Has anyone else seen this or can explain what might have caused it again? I'd like to try and find more info on it and first hand users ideas.

Thanks fellas! :)



answered 13 Mar '11, 00:39

JJMAN's gravatar image


Is there some tweak in common between the 2 phones?

(13 Mar '11, 01:22) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

could that be a battery issue?

(13 Mar '11, 01:23) raviraj jailbreak guru raviraj%20jailbreak%20guru's gravatar image

Don't think there was any tweak that was similar although that's not a bad idea to check into more.

Don't know if it would be the battery. Since it will come back on while holding both buttons down. If it was turning off and then came back on with just power button, I would look more at the battery or even a tweak. Its like its forced to DFU mode somehow.
Its Weird I've seen 2 of these with GP JB's, (and in only 2 weeks time) do the same thihng that other iPhones haven't done. I just dont know and may never know. Thanks for the input and ideas though fellas. I appreciate it allot. :)

(13 Mar '11, 10:19) JJMAN JJMAN's gravatar image
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