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This is at @comex or @chpwn or anyone else that knows, how do I report to you an account holder who is abusing the karma system by purposely attacking my Karma. Is it possible to get accounts suspended for nothing more than misuse. Not the sort of behaviour you'd expect from a DevTeam mod, but there you go........Can you PM anyone on this system?

asked 23 Feb '11, 15:28

venusanann's gravatar image


closed 23 Feb '11, 17:46

I doubt it's the real dhlizard ;)

(23 Feb '11, 16:12) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Oh yes it is I guarantee it, believe me, he wouldn't let someone impersonate him in name as well as claiming to be a DevTeam mod in the profile. Must be a bit embarrassing for the poor fellow, trolling like that.

(23 Feb '11, 16:20) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Argumentative" by venusanann, 23 Feb '11, 17:46

I bet dhlizard have very good reason to suspend your account, don't you think !!!

It's not "Argumentative", it's a fact ! Goodbye !


answered 23 Feb '11, 17:22

yOy0dEv's gravatar image


edited 23 Feb '11, 18:35

I'll close the thread now out of respect for the site owners, as I can see it just getting argumentative and turning into a flame war and I'll try to not get involved with it, unlike you, and you shouldn't be signing up just to bring trouble here. Hopefully it will get resolved by other means. If you @yOy0dEv think you have more to say then by all means start a thread of your own and say it, I'm really not concerned.


answered 23 Feb '11, 17:45

venusanann's gravatar image


edited 23 Feb '11, 18:01


You closed this one because you can not stand when someone criticize your opinion, how sad !

(23 Feb '11, 19:02) yOy0dEv yOy0dEv's gravatar image

Look, I've said if you have something to say then make a thread about it and criticize away, I'm not bothered either way, you must think I'm scared of something. You're just showing disrespect to the site by continuing to post/antagonize in a closed thread and making yourself look rather silly by coming here from the DevTeam blog and signing up for no other purpose than to cause trouble. If thats what you're about then thats sad. I'll even give you a thumbs up for being so ridiculous.

(23 Feb '11, 19:14) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

You were my favorite up until few weeks ago, I don't know what happend to you to become such a argumentative guy :(

(23 Feb '11, 19:29) yOy0dEv yOy0dEv's gravatar image

I didn't agree with a community within a community and when I aired my point of view you all didn't like it. I can't help that but it's not gonna pressure me to change my view on it. It's funny that new accounts are being made here just to thumb me down. That is really sad and it doesn't take a genius to work out where it's coming from. Honestly you are just making yourselves look like the people that I thought you were, you even follow me around to make trouble. Childish and you should be above it. Don't abuse this site by continuing to post and antagonize in a closed thread.

(23 Feb '11, 19:36) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

There are over 3300 registered users of this site. Any one of them could have clicked the thumbs down. Interesting how the OP has decided I am responsible and am misusing the system. Additionally, the OP alleges I followed him to this site just to stalk him. I joined here on Feb. 10th, OP joined Feb. 17th. And my last post (prior to this one) was Feb. 12th. To my knowledge, (prior to this post) I have never posted on any thread in response to any question or reply by the OP. His accusation(s) have no merit and I have no reason to be embarrassed. I hope this nonsense does not re-occur.

(23 Feb '11, 23:25) dhlizard dhlizard's gravatar image

Karma History tells you who is doing what, there's no running and hiding on this site, so I haven't decided anything, it's there as plain as day, that is not a valid contribution to the site, it's nothing more than abuse/misuse of your account. The only nonsense occurring is you doing that without valid reason. Perhaps the site owners would pull the full history up and we shall see who has merit, but check your own karma history in the meantime, and then deny it after that. I got some screenshots as well if you want to see em, Pwned.

(24 Feb '11, 03:03) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

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