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Hey everyone, lets see if I can ask these questions in a way that you have some sort of clue what I am asking.

Repositories are simply additional areas to dowload content from? Installing them just gives you access to download the content from them or is there actually something being installed?

Second, I noticed some apps have depended apps or packages that are installed during the installation of the original application. If you end up uninstalling the original application, should it not also uninstall the depended apps or packages? Granted I suppose if another app was using those dependant apps or packages, uninstalling them could cause problems. Nonetheless, is there an easy way to know once you uninstall something what other depended apps or packages can be uninstalled as well?

Hope that made sense, thanks in advance!

asked 23 Feb '11, 11:02

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closed 20 Dec '14, 04:35

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Excellent question. I'm inclined to think that the deb installer system is smart enough to remove dependencies from a package you un-install, after it checks to see if any other apts need those dependencies. That's just a guess on my part though, I'm sure someone who actually knows will come along soon...

(23 Feb '11, 11:10) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

I sort of that that as well, however, I noticed that I installed an app that required another package, once I uninstalled it, the dependant package was left installed.

(23 Feb '11, 11:25) dieselpowered dieselpowered's gravatar image

The question has been closed for being "Solved" by Tilerone, 20 Dec '14, 04:35

When you add a repository, all it does is add a new repertoire from which to download content. No packages are installed, unless the source itself is installed in the form of a package, but that is not important.

Currently, in Cydia, there is no way to do this, to remove a package and all of its unused dependencies. However, since Cydia is based on APT (which is a very versatile packaging system), if you have SSH or MobileTerminal installed, you can run "apt-get remove --purge <packagename>" to achieve this effect.


answered 23 Feb '11, 23:05

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edited 06 Jul '11, 19:20

Afaik dep. packages don't get removed if you delete the last application that uses them. Cydia cannot differentiate between types of packages. So if you install some configuration tool and then a tool that uses the configuration tool and later remove it again, you think the config tool should also get deleted, just because you uninstalled a dependent tool? Like if you uninstall all themes, then Winterboard should get deleted? No, it doesn't do that and it's just lying around.

But usually additional packages don't use much space or anything. And you can look at the list of installed packages and remove those you don't need. Before you confirm deletion, look if it would uninstall additional stuff you do need. If you uninstall Mobile Substrate, it should list Cydia as getting uninstalled, so you should know not to touch that.


answered 23 Feb '11, 12:46

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http ♦

That is kinda what I gathered, however, was not sure since being new to the iOS. Appears there may be an initial check during install to determine if the dep package is installed and if not then install it. Other than that, if you uninstall something, you will have to manually uninstall the dep package.

Appreciate you comment and time!

(23 Feb '11, 14:30) dieselpowered dieselpowered's gravatar image

APT (as implemented in Cydia) handles dependencies properly for intall, so long as developers flag the correct packages as dependent. Themes are a great example of this; all Winterboard themes should have Winterboard set as a dependency, but want to guess how many don't?

(23 Feb '11, 23:29) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

It works the other way around, if you remove a dependency, Cydia will auto-queue the removal of the dependent app. So I find it easier to queue up the removal of an unknown library, and id it queues the removal of an imoirtant app, I just cancel the uninstall.


answered 18 Aug '11, 09:09

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answered 23 Feb '11, 14:23

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Maybe a little more info?

(23 Feb '11, 14:30) dieselpowered dieselpowered's gravatar image

Well cydelete is mainly a way to delete cydia apps from the springboard. I think what the auther meant when he said " removes leftover files" is that it wasnt deleting them All in the first version

(23 Feb '11, 23:54) Aperson Aperson's gravatar image

Nope, OP was asking if there's a way for dependency packages to be automatically removed when the primary packages is deleted. Nothing to do with Cydelete.

(23 Feb '11, 23:57) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

That is a really good question. Good job.

(07 Jul '11, 00:07) lambo_man_r2 lambo_man_r2's gravatar image


(Your password by default apline)

Apt-get autoremove

Post that in terminal and all unneeded packages will be removed


answered 20 Dec '14, 00:59

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edited 20 Dec '14, 01:01


Why answer a 3 year old question?

(20 Dec '14, 03:01) mikewsw17 mikewsw17's gravatar image

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