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When i open tiny umbrella i get "Cannto start tss servicce, DO NOT TRY RESTORING YOUR DEVICE!!!,httpd9PID:40) MUST BE KILLED!!" So i cant start tss service on tiny umbrella also when i try to sync my iphone 4 4.2.1 jailbroken with delicious pois0n (greenpois0n) i get an itunes mistake "13019" i dont know if ths to issues are related but it getting annoying does anybody know how to fix any of this or both thanks i really appreciate it

asked 22 Feb '11, 20:30

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closed 09 Jan '14, 02:07

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spockers ♦♦

Grammatically improved: When I open Tiny Umbrella, I get "Cannot start TSS service, DO NOT TRY RESTORING YOUR DEVICE!!! httpd(PID:40) MUST BE KILLED!!" So I can't start TSS service. Also when I try to sync my iPhone 4 on 4.2.1 jailbroken with delicious pois0n (greenpois0n), I get iTunes error 13019. I don't know if these two issues are related but they're getting annoying. Does anyone how to fix these problems? Thanks, I really appreciate it.

You're welcome.

(22 Feb '11, 21:10) hazePWN hazePWN's gravatar image

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httpd is service used by apache. Are you running Apache on your computer? Just kill the process or service before using Tinyumbrella.

Regarding you syncing error. Error 13019 is usually a corrupt itunes library. I've heard people fixing this by removing all the music and syncing. And then re-adding the music and then syncing again.


answered 22 Feb '11, 23:56

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edited 23 Feb '11, 00:04

i know about apache i just dont know how to kill the process or serving becasue i have no apps running is there like a task manager for ac i could use

(23 Feb '11, 19:58) cumming0s cumming0s's gravatar image

what operating system are you running? If it's windows you should be able to just right click on My Computer. Go to Manage. Services and Applications. Services. And just stop any service with Apache or httpd in the name. If you are comfortable with command line open a command prompt and run "taskkill /F /IM httpd.exe". Of course without the quotes. If you are running a linux box try the following command in a terminal windows "killall -9 httpd". Of course without the quotes. I believe the killall command also works in Mac OSX since it it is unix based after all.

(23 Feb '11, 20:39) skim32 skim32's gravatar image

i did that in mac and it said no matching processes found

(23 Feb '11, 21:30) cumming0s cumming0s's gravatar image

Try going to your System Preferences, Sharing, and see if Web Sharing is turned on. If so, turn it off.


answered 24 Feb '11, 21:16

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try "kill 40". According to your error message it looks like the process ID is 40. In which case a "kill -9 40" should work. If not try doing "ps aux | grep httpd". That should list any process with httpd in it. The second column should be the process id. Then you can do a "kill -9 <pid>" (replacing <pid> with the actual process id from the result of ps command.


answered 23 Feb '11, 21:48

skim32's gravatar image


i did that and it actualy killed the process but seconds later it was running once again

(24 Feb '11, 21:00) cumming0s cumming0s's gravatar image

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