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I've had no luck at all with 4.2.1. After a week or more of trying different jailbreaks on my iPhone 4, I finally got it going with Sn0wbreeze, but everything is still running slowly and I get more crashes than on 4.1. From what I've seen, there's not really anything on 4.2.1 to keep me there, so I just want to go back to 4.1. How can I do that?

asked 22 Feb '11, 16:23

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If you have your shsh blobs saved for 4.1, go to iTunes and if you have a Mac hold alt and click restore....then choose 4.1 ipsw and choose that. If it gives you an error download recboot and use the exit recovery app and it should be done


answered 22 Feb '11, 16:28

Shoots's gravatar image


If you have windows then you hold shift and hit restore ( I think)

(22 Feb '11, 16:29) Shoots Shoots's gravatar image

And if you don't have the ipsw for 4.1 then just go to google and type firmware downloads and you can get from there easily

(22 Feb '11, 16:29) Shoots Shoots's gravatar image

answered 22 Feb '11, 16:54

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answered 22 Feb '11, 16:50

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Wrong question dude

(22 Feb '11, 16:52) Shoots Shoots's gravatar image

Guys, I've deleted the inflammatory aggressive remarks, the thread is still open as the OP should not lose help because of other peoples' profanity. I'm sure you're all better than that really. No more please.

(22 Feb '11, 17:17) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

I couldn't get greenpois0n to work for the longest time on my 2G, it wound up just being that iTunesHelper was opened... Please take a look at the link -,-

(22 Feb '11, 17:25) Kitastriphi Kitastriphi's gravatar image

Absolutely, if you have information that you think may help, then by all means post it, that's why we're here, perhaps if you had put your comment with your answer then it would of made more sense to everyone what you were trying to say to the OP. It's all good now though.

(22 Feb '11, 17:37) venusanann venusanann's gravatar image

I think they should mention to close iTunesHelp.exe in the Read Me when you download it from the site, but whatever.

(22 Feb '11, 17:39) Kitastriphi Kitastriphi's gravatar image
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