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Earlier I was having trouble getting iTunes to recognize my iPhone so I tried deleting the music folder and itunescdb in the itunes control folder. After giving up I decided to restore but the restore process failed. I think my cable may be faulty as I cannot think of anything else. When I did get itunes to detect the iPhone and I clicked restore, it would finish the extracting software process then give me an error. Im jailbroken with evasi0n on ios 6.0.1 and I just want to restore my iphone. I can get it into dfu mode and I somehow managed to get itunes to detect it in recovery mode earlier but now when I go into dfu mode nothing happens. Windows mentions that the drivers failed to install and redsnow, tinyumbrella, and itunes wont detect it in dfu mode.

asked 07 Mar '13, 01:51

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Asked: 07 Mar '13, 01:51

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