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Hi! I tried theming my messages app like change their bubbles for outgoing and incoming messages and send button and photo button... but... my INPUT FIELD image failed to show up the message i am typing....

So i wanna revert my theme back to the stock ios messages app... because i directly put the images in my chatkit.framework which YES OVERWROTE MY STOCK IMAGES :(

If someone would be so kind to DO ME A VERY HUGE FAVOR OF COPYING THEIR STOCK MESSAGES APP IMAGES FOR ME? Please? :( I cant google any stock images for the messages app.... :(

If you have ifunbox, help me please? Go to System/Library/Privateframeworks/Chatkit.framework

Here are what i need:

  • Balloon_1@2x.png
  • Balloon_2@2x.png -Balloon_Blue@2x.png
  • PhotoButton@2x.png
  • PhotoButtonPressed@2x.png
  • SendButton@2x.png
  • SendButtonDisabled@2x.png
  • SendButtonGreen@2x.png
  • SendButtonPressed@2x.png
  • SendButtonPressedGreen@2x.png
  • checked@2x.png
  • selectedcheck@2x.png -select-media-bubble@2x.png
  • select-text-bubble@2x.png




asked 01 Mar '13, 23:31

formaldienhyde's gravatar image


sweetie, this is a jailbreaking, not theming site, you might want to search for a theming site that can assist you better

(01 Mar '13, 23:43) farahtwiggy ♦♦ farahtwiggy's gravatar image

Aw sorry, thank you thougggh :)

(01 Mar '13, 23:44) formaldienhyde formaldienhyde's gravatar image

Theming questions are alright here, but I'm pretty sure it would be illegal for us to upload those for you, they are copy-righted Apple files

(01 Mar '13, 23:45) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image

@Curly420, aw okay that sucks haha, thank you. :3

(01 Mar '13, 23:48) formaldienhyde formaldienhyde's gravatar image

I would help you but I seem to be missing PhotoButtonPressed@2x checked@2x and selectedcheck@2x..

(02 Mar '13, 12:43) Sot83 Sot83's gravatar image

sorry bro but this is illegal and all of us could be caught by sharing these image files no one wants to risk it.. so try to just install and jailbreak again whilst its still possible


answered 02 Mar '13, 12:46

Thesituation's gravatar image


I think you should try googling "ios ui assets iphone 5.1 chatkit" then pressing I'm feeling lucky, who knows? Might contain everything you need.


answered 02 Mar '13, 13:02

Sot83's gravatar image


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