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whatever I do, too slow.

during any app, if i get a text message, it freezes.

don't know why. I'm restoring it.

asked 21 Feb '11, 20:20

hoon84lee's gravatar image


What's your question exactly?

(21 Feb '11, 20:53) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

he wants to know how to stop it freezing

(21 Feb '11, 21:06) ccg ccg's gravatar image

As ccg stated, yes I want to stop the freezing part, other than that everything was flawless. I don't know what made it to freeze!

(21 Feb '11, 21:26) hoon84lee hoon84lee's gravatar image

what do you mean by freeze? Did you need to reboot? Did it respring? If so, in safe mode? It might be a package you installed from Cydia that isn't compatible with 4.2.1 yet.


answered 21 Feb '11, 22:40

bmac%2039's gravatar image

bmac 39

maybe you're correct. whenever I received the text message during something else, it freezes or I could say superrrrrrr slow! it took forever to response, but everything is just too slow, even holding the sleep button to turn it off takes forever.

(21 Feb '11, 22:42) hoon84lee hoon84lee's gravatar image

So it didn't respring at all? How low did the memory do, if you had it enabled in SBsettings?

(21 Feb '11, 22:45) bmac 39 bmac%2039's gravatar image

I'm not sure I haven't the any cydia app at all after 'the complete upgrade' after initial jailbreak install.

(21 Feb '11, 22:47) hoon84lee hoon84lee's gravatar image

There's two likely possibilities. First, you've got a package installed (something like BiteSMS, or whatever), that hooks into the SMS subsystem, and is failing for some reason, or second, your jailbreak wasn't 100% successful. If the first, you can find out by uninstalling anything that might be the culprit and see how you go. If nothing works, then a restore/rejailbreak might be needed.


answered 21 Feb '11, 22:45

Endareth's gravatar image


no BiteSMS. possible on unsuccessful jailbreak, however, it worked fine on first couple days.

(21 Feb '11, 22:48) hoon84lee hoon84lee's gravatar image

Anything else you installed recently?

(21 Feb '11, 22:52) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

unlimton for ringtone download.

(21 Feb '11, 23:10) hoon84lee hoon84lee's gravatar image
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