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I have the SSH toggle via SBSettings. Every time I reboot the phone, though, I have to remember to go into SBSettings and turn off SSH.

Is there a way to make the SSH service not automatically start, but let me enable it via SBSettings only when I want it ?

asked 21 Feb '11, 12:37

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edited 21 Feb '11, 22:13

Endareth's gravatar image


I don't know the answer to your question, but I can tell you this: OpenSSH doesn't actually use any battery or CPU unless you're actively 'talking' to it, so, if you've changed your password, it shouldn't be a problem.

(21 Feb '11, 22:05) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

It's still a potential security risk. Safer to have it disabled by default. You never know when an exploit for the installed version will be found.

(21 Feb '11, 22:08) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

Ok, I've refreshed my memory for this one. iOS uses the same process as OS X for handling launch processes, so all you need to do to stop the ssh server from running at start time is:

  1. Get to a command line (MobileTerminal or ssh in).
  2. su to get root access
  3. Run the following command then restart!

launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.openssh.sshd.plist

You should now have ssh off in SBSettings, and it can be toggled on as normal. To change it back, just use "load" instead of "unload"!


answered 22 Feb '11, 06:26

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edited 22 Feb '11, 06:26

thanks Endareth, that's exactly the behavior i was looking for.

(22 Feb '11, 10:53) jkister jkister's gravatar image

If that answers you question, please flag it as the correct answer to make it easier for other people after the same info :)

(22 Feb '11, 18:19) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

I followed your steps but the Terminal said that there was not such a file to unload...

(25 Feb '11, 01:51) metalfr3ak metalfr3ak's gravatar image

I seem to recall that the old BossPrefs (precursor to SBSettings) used to have an option to have OpenSSH disabled on boot. Not sure if it works on 4.2.1 though.

edit: It's still around, but doesn't appear to work in 4.2.1 (crashes straight out).

It'd be possible to change the SSH deamon to manual rather than autostart, but that requires manually editing the com.openssh.sshd launch daemon stuff, and I can't remember specifics there...


answered 21 Feb '11, 22:09

Endareth's gravatar image


edited 21 Feb '11, 22:29


I just did a Cydia search, and there actually is an app to do what you want. Do a search for "Toggle SSH" and you'll find it in the BigBoss repo. It says it's for 2.x, but I tried it on my iPod Touch 4g running 4.2.1 and it worked. It's a springboard icon, but I suppose you could hide it and make an activator shortcut for it. It does retain the setting through re-springing, although I didn't actually try a full power-cycle. Worth checking out anyway...

EDIT: When you toggle it off, it will still show as on in sbsettings, but it's actually off; I did a test connect to confirm it.


answered 21 Feb '11, 22:16

spockers's gravatar image

spockers ♦♦

edited 21 Feb '11, 22:19


A respring won't do anything to most running processes, so naturally it won't affect the state of your OpenSSH server.

(21 Feb '11, 22:19) Endareth Endareth's gravatar image

I was wondering about that as I wrote the above. I just tested it with a power cycle, and you're right, dammit. ;-)

(21 Feb '11, 22:22) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image
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