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I have recently jail broken my itouch 5th gen with iOS 6.1. When I connected my iPod to my MacBook my iTunes auto synced and backed up. I am concerned that this would affect my restoration process if I ever need to unjailbreak to update to new firmware. Would the auto backup affect my restore in the future as it was automatically done AFTER cydia was installed during my jail breaking process? If so is there anyway to prevent/fix ot from happening? If anyone could let me know that would be greatly appreciated.


I've been doing iTunes syncs and backups since the days of the iPhone 3G and I can tell you with confidence that it is safe to sync and backup at any time regardless of jailbreak status. I might have done a "setup as new" once over the years and rebuilt everything, but for the most part after jailbreaking I restore the backup that was made immediately prior. Restoring a backup of a jailbroken device to one not yet jailbroken device affects nothing.

Sure, there will be some pieces left over, for instance settings for particular tweaks that are stored in areas that the backup system saves. Those will be restored to your device, if you don't have that tweak installed or the device is not jailbroken, again, that data serves no purpose. If you do have that tweak installed, then you don't have to go create all your preferences for it again.

There might be rare exceptions to this, however I have personally not yet encountered any of them. I believe most of the warnings "don't restore backup, setup as new!" are having to do with the occasional tweak that doesn't yet work with the new iOS, or works differently thus you need to set it up from scratch without restoring its prior settings. All of these can be overcome if you know what you're looking for.

TL;DR It's safe to do iTunes sync and backup. Don't worry about it.


answered 19 Feb '13, 10:13

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Pepper ♦

edited 19 Feb '13, 10:14

your 100 % correct

(06 Jun '14, 03:56) leart78 leart78's gravatar image

iTunes does NOT backup your JB stuff, so it's not an issue.

On top, would you be upgrading (updating) your iOS to a newer version that this would compeltely remove the JB and then, you can restore the backup and there'll be no JB at all.

Hope this helps,



answered 19 Feb '13, 10:07

eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image


Thank you for all the advice, I am more relieved now that I received confirmation that it will be safe to keep backing up.


answered 19 Feb '13, 15:01

Lollilolli's gravatar image


It was a pleasure. Enjoy!

(19 Feb '13, 15:13) eYe-I-aïe eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image

=) Sorry I got another follow-up question, I was playing with some tweaks and some of them involved adding more columns to the Springboard, involving the moving around of icons. SO if I do backup the new music/normal apps, would this backup when restored still revert to my original set-up/placement of app icons before jailbreak still or will my rearrangement during tweaks mess up my order of things?

(20 Feb '13, 00:28) Lollilolli Lollilolli's gravatar image

I am not 100% sure but I think the order will b different on a restore.

(20 Feb '13, 01:10) BirdsOfWar BirdsOfWar's gravatar image
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