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Hi all! With last update of veency I have had a discrepancy between local and remote cursor. When the remote cursor is in the lower right corner, the local cursor is exactly in the middle of the screen. But when in the upper left corner, both cursors are there, in the same position. It seems that, actually, veency is working using half resolution (320x480, aka original iPhone's resolution).

Does anyone bit in the same issue?

asked 18 Feb '13, 05:55

gpz500's gravatar image


I reinstalled Veency in cydia and it realigned ????

I don't get it, when I first install and use a viewer from the remote location (my Mac) the cursor is aligned, and then it after a day or two/number of uses it's askew.. WTH!

Anyways, the reinstall worked. Wanted to pass along the advice since I couldn't seem to find a solution ANYWHERE on the internet


answered 06 Sep '13, 13:07

juhstin2000's gravatar image


It is working perfectly for me, on iphone 5 iOS 6.1. I however have the "Show Cursor" option disable as I find it useless and laggy with poor WiFi connections (at work).


answered 18 Feb '13, 08:54

toker's gravatar image


Uhm, I have an iPhone 4S and iOS 6.1, and the problem is as descripted. If I disable the veency cursor I wouldn't have any possibility to tap on the right position ;-)

Another problem I encountered is the following: when there is the background apps list open, even the veency cursor doesn't reflect the actual tap position.

(19 Feb '13, 09:14) gpz500 gpz500's gravatar image

Perhaps it has something to do with the screen resolution? The cursor on my PC and my iPod Touch 3rd gen are aligning perfectly, but the 4S has a higher screen resolution, of course.

(19 Feb '13, 09:45) Lanulos Lanulos's gravatar image

It seems that it depends on SBSettings: I just uninstalled SBSettings and everything went fine ... Do you have SBSettings?


answered 20 Feb '13, 08:47

gpz500's gravatar image


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Asked: 18 Feb '13, 05:55

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