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Hi there,

I have a hypothetical question / scenario (I am sure it will help other / new users)

1 With TinyUmbrella being obsolete...

  • What alternative app can be used to
    enter / exit the issue of being stuck in recovery mode when iTunes are not able to do so? (TinyUmbrella have both and i have been using it for that reason
  • The above statement with a sleep or
    button not functioning? (can not do a hard reboot / place the device into / get it out of DFU mode)
  • What app van be used to save SHSH BLOBS before / after I jailbreak my iDevice (Cydia no longer keep them on it's server?

I hope that this is not one of those "worst case scenario" / "multiple " questions and that there are such an app / method available.

I came to think of this specific scenario by receiving great advice earlier on. All pointing in one direction (the correct and most straight forward way used to achieve a restore, update and eventually a jailbreak without any issues).

However, my lack of know how led me to have to make use of numerous apps to achieve all the steps needed to restore, update and jailbreak...

Kind regards

Dr Hoffman

How exactly is TinyUmbrella obsolete? It was just updated to work with iOS 6.1.1, and I used it a week ago to get the SHSH blob from my iPhone 5.

(16 Feb '13, 02:20) recury recury's gravatar image

Hi there recury,

I have gone through many questions in the last 2+ days without sleep. I will find the thread and point you to it. You are welcome to ask the person the same question. Until a few hours ago I was under the impression that TinyUmbrella is the bomb. Quite a few users/moderators on this forum told me otherwise.

We had a discussion over a few threads on what apps to use that are "current" in order to achieve a desired outcome. I made use of TinyUmbrella.

As soon as I find it I will post the link

If you read a comment by @spockers in this thread you will find the apps I have been pointed towards to achieve "the same" with current apps.

I am on a learning spree here and I am open to new better current info that work well.

Hope that this will help you. Please feel free to give me some advice as well should you notice that I'm off track with anything I say or method I make use of.


Dr Hoffman

(16 Feb '13, 04:41) Dr Hoffman Dr%20Hoffman's gravatar image

Hi recury,

I found the rest of the discussion (the part where I'm told to delete it in any case)

Please read it and let me know what you think or if it answer your question.

Kind regards

Dr Hoffman

(16 Feb '13, 04:50) Dr Hoffman Dr%20Hoffman's gravatar image

All covered in the F.A.Q's


answered 15 Feb '13, 21:38

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦

Cool, how do I delete this question?

I am off to bed now. Been awake way to long

(15 Feb '13, 21:42) Dr Hoffman Dr%20Hoffman's gravatar image

Don't have to delete it, but at the bottom of your post you should see 4 links (edit|close|delete|more)

(15 Feb '13, 21:46) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Hi there @theiphoneguy,

I apologize for contacting you this way, I just do not know how else to do so. I am very new to the forum side of life (you must have noticed) and only found out about 10 min ago what your position is within the forum. I gained respect for your level of knowledge and patience many hours ago! (as well as for a few other users I now know to be Moderators)

I will do some research today on how to join and use the IRC and possibly chat there. It's my first time ever to hear or see a IRC. (I know, I live in the dark ages, LOL! Thank you and the entire team for your patience with users like myself bombarding you with stupid questions that you have answered many times over and even have a stunning FAQ page created, ready for us to read and understand.

Is it allowed for me to give directions to user to your FAQ section? I do not want to come across as being rude, trying to take over from moderators or just plain lazy to answer questions asked by fellow users. I just thought it might keep you sane for a few more days and concentrate on more pressing, possibly new issues.

(In other words, I want to be able to help others but sadly realized that I could well possibly give a very incorrect answer, regardless that it worked or not (for me) there is a right and a "when all else fails" way

I hope to receive a reply from you soon

Kind regards

Dr Hoffman

(16 Feb '13, 01:26) Dr Hoffman Dr%20Hoffman's gravatar image

ya feel free to point anyone to the FAQ's, guides, etc

(16 Feb '13, 01:32) theiphoneguy ♦ theiphoneguy's gravatar image

Thank you

(16 Feb '13, 01:35) Dr Hoffman Dr%20Hoffman's gravatar image

To answer your question, you want iFaith if you're on Windows, for saving blobs. For exiting recovery, redsn0w. You will need working buttons for exiting a recovery loop, as the device needs to be put into DFU, regardless of software. For a simple "exit recovery" you can use iREB if on Windows, which doesn't need DFU mode.

(16 Feb '13, 01:42) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

Thank you spockers,

I will add the above to my knowledge base and start spreading the info.

Dr Hoffman

(16 Feb '13, 01:57) Dr Hoffman Dr%20Hoffman's gravatar image

Hi there spockers,

This is so funny. I suppose the small rain coat on a stick is still being pointed to. Lmao...

(16 Feb '13, 04:08) Dr Hoffman Dr%20Hoffman's gravatar image
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