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I've jailbroken my iPad 2 WiFi, when it has iOS 4.3.3, with Now, I want to restore it and install iOS 6. How can I do it? I've tried a lot of methods, but nothing works. I haven't got my iPad without jailbreak backup, because I changed computer and I lost it. Is there anything I can do?

asked 14 Feb '13, 14:55

lukaszmtw's gravatar image


u can backup your iPad with new computer u have right now, and restore using itunes......what methods did u tried?

(14 Feb '13, 18:40) vid4click vid4click's gravatar image

So I downloaded iOS 6 .ipsw file from and I tried to restore my ipad with this file via iTunes. All was getting correctly, the progress bar on iPad appeared, it was moving slowly and suddenly iTunes display error and I must get out of recovery mode via Tiny Umbrella.

(14 Feb '13, 19:10) lukaszmtw lukaszmtw's gravatar image

You can only restore iOS 6.1. What were you trying? 6.0 or 6.0.1 won't work.

(14 Feb '13, 19:14) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

just connect your iPad to your computer and hit restore , it will update and restore to latest iOS 6.1. u don't need to download firmware from website.

(14 Feb '13, 21:37) vid4click vid4click's gravatar image

Must my iPad be in DFU mode or something? I tried this method and it didn't work. I just hit the restore button and iTunes display error.

For spockers comment: I tried this when the newest iOS was iOS 6.

(15 Feb '13, 02:25) lukaszmtw lukaszmtw's gravatar image

Which error message did you get? Try this guide to solving common iTunes restore errors.

(15 Feb '13, 15:50) britta britta's gravatar image

Hi there lukaszmtw,

Try downloading Redsn0w. Latest release Get your iPhone 4S into DFU mode (making use of TinyUmbrella possibly)

I have also achieved DFU by having the iPhone connected to iTunes, restore, the iPhone will go into DFU mode. Stop the restore bun not closing iTunes and opening Redsn0w. (I AM NOT SURE HOW SAFE THIS METHOD IS, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK) IT'S WORKED FOR ME WHEN ALL ELSE FAILED

run Redsnow.

Enter "Extras"

"Even More"

Point Redsn0w to the IPSW of your choice


I have done a few iPhone 4S in the last few hours and resorted to doing it this way instead of trying to do it through iTunes.

Remember to save your SHSHBLOBS.

Another hint would be to do a OTA update to IOS 6.1.1 before you jailbreak your idevice. To download the IPSW is well over 900MB. OTA 23MB. You can thn jailbreak the handset using Evasion 1.3.

I really do hope that the info is of help to you.

Let me know if it worked out for you.

Kind regards and good luck

Dr Hoffman

Should you get stuck, please leave a comment and I will walk you through it while sitting in front of my PC with the apps open ;)


answered 15 Feb '13, 13:10

Dr%20Hoffman's gravatar image

Dr Hoffman


Another hint would be to do a OTA update to IOS 6.1.1 before you jailbreak your idevice.

You can't upgrade via OTA on a device that is currently jailbroken, like @lukaszmtw's device. Either it won't work or it'll cause problems.

(15 Feb '13, 15:51) britta britta's gravatar image

Hi britta,

That is what I tried to say, I'm sorry if it was relayed/perceived differently.

Should you successfully restore to 6.0.1 and decide to stay on it, then jailbreak. Should you only have the 6.0.1 IPSW but still want to update to iOS 61.1 (but don't want to download the entire 6.1.1 (900+mb) then do a OTA update before Jailbreaking. The total download is smaller and faster. Then jailbreak.

I hope that I'm not confusing you as much as I am confusing my self. I have done the above an a few iDevices in the last week and not all of them got Jailbroken the easy, straightforward way. Had to fiddle and make use of a combination of apps to get some to work.

Again, my apologies if my explanation is confusing.

Good luck

Dr Hoffman

(15 Feb '13, 16:31) Dr Hoffman Dr%20Hoffman's gravatar image
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