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In your readme, it states: "Please disable the lock passcode of your iOS device before using evasi0n. It can cause issues." Looks like this is/will be an issue for me. I went to disable it, and discovered I can't, as it is disabled. After doing a search, I found out that it is likely because of my work Microsoft Exchange email account.

I'd really rather not delete the account, and was hoping there was another alternative to turning the passcode off. Is there?


asked 11 Feb '13, 11:09

kewldaemon's gravatar image


According to the discussion at the following link, you should be able to turn off Exchange, disable the passcode, and then turn Exchange back on. Don't ask me how to turn off Exchange, maybe in Settings? Here is the link:


answered 11 Feb '13, 11:34

Lanulos's gravatar image


Thanks Lanulos. I saw that link too during my search. It doesn't say how to "turn off" the Exchange account though. As far as I can tell, there isn't a way to turn it off. If anyone else happens to know, that would be nice.

Another thought was, I have a backup on iCloud. If I were to delete the Exchange account to enable turning off the passcode, would I have access to the iCloud backup to re-enable the Exchange account after I jailbroke the phone?



answered 11 Feb '13, 11:48

kewldaemon's gravatar image


On further research, it does look like you would have to delete the Exchange account.

Aside from the iCloud angle, which I can't answer, there is always the Social Engineering approach. This would assume your Exchange email is backed up on some server at work. I'm pretty sure my wife's works that way but she never actually put Exchange on her iPhone. So the plan would be (after you verify they can restore your mail) to do a clean restore of 6.1 on your phone, jailbreak, then tell IT at work that your phone crashed and went to the Connect To iTunes screen and you had to restore, and could they please put your email back. (Perhaps you know how to set up your Exchange account on your phone yourself, and the email will magically reappear; then you wouldn't even need the IT people.) But please first verify your mail isn't just on your phone. And of course I deny all responsibility if this doesn't work and you lose all your mail. Oh, and if you do need the IT people, make sure you hide the Cydia icon in a folder somewhere, and don't have any telltale tweaks installed. They might not like dealing with a jailbroken phone.


answered 11 Feb '13, 12:15

Lanulos's gravatar image


edited 11 Feb '13, 12:17

Hi eYe-I-aïe,

Thanks for the quick reply. The problem is, I don't see a way to enable the "Turn Passcode Off" as it shows as being grayed out. From what I understand, I have the option of turning off my work Microsoft Exchange account (which I have not been able to find out how to do. I did try to turn off SSL, but this did not work either.) or delete my work Microsoft Exchange email account. I would really rather not delete the account, as it took me about 3 years to finally get it to work right. It would really suck for it to NOT work again after the jailbreak. And I really REALLY want to jailbreak it :)

The iPhone in question is an iPhone 4S, with iOS 6.1 and baseband (Modem Firmware) 3.4.01


answered 11 Feb '13, 12:38

kewldaemon's gravatar image


Gotcha. Now, if as Pepper says, your work IT Admin FORCES you to have a device password, most likely via the GAM feature (an Apple admin feature used in enterprises to (remotely) manage iDevices within a company), that'd be why you cannot remove it, then my guess is that you should not mess with that, because chances are your IT admin will find out if you do. The next question is: to who belongs this device... If it's your company's property, I would just leave it. If it's yours, then it's your call; either you go with your company's policy, or you break the rules. Your call, and you will assume the consequences. Don't get me wrong, I woul'dn't work with a NOT JB device anymore, I'm totally with you but hey, neither you nor me rules the world... Best of luck Pal!

(11 Feb '13, 12:49) eYe-I-aïe eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image

You should NOT have to delete your email account nor it's associated password to JB.

What is required by evasi0n is that your device (what is it: iPhone? - iPad? and what iOS: 4.x - 5.x - 6.x?) has NO password lock.

When you open your device first thing in the morning, do you have to enter a password to unlock it?

Also, make sure your backup (be it on iCloud or on your computer) has no password neither.

However, please note that if your backup is not password protected (encrypted), your backup will not backup your exchange (nor any mail) account's passwords neither.

But if you have no lock neihter backup password, you should be able to JB w/no issue.

Hope this helps,



answered 11 Feb '13, 12:15

eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image


All well and good, except that an Exchange administrator can enforce the requirement to have a passcode on the device, which is what has been done in this case. It's a good security feature, if the device is lost or stolen you don't want unauthorized people with complete access to the employee's corporate email.

(11 Feb '13, 12:21) Pepper ♦ Pepper's gravatar image

Oh well... My point was that the user should not have to delete AN EMAIL ACCOUNT PASSWORD to JB his device. You are saying that an Exchange Admin may/might/can/could force the user to have a DEVICE LOCK PASSWORD, which is NOT an EMAIL ACCOUNT PASSWORD. I don't think my advice was neither wrong, neither false nor not right in any way. You can sure vote down my answer, however, what I'm saying is perfectly true, and again, if his Admin requires them to have a DEVICE LOCK password, still, he shouldn't have to delete neither his Exchange password nor his exchange account to JB his device. Thanks, eYe

(11 Feb '13, 12:28) eYe-I-aïe eYe-I-a%C3%AFe's gravatar image
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