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So i did the jailbreak Monday everything went smooth n groovy! However, today witch is 2/10/13 i download a tweak it attempted to respring and got stuck. So i got the urge to hard reset it. Clearly i was wrong! So now it sets at the apple boot screen. If you let it set there for more than two hours it will come on but you can not access cydia or jailbreak apps nor the majority of reqular apps like safari. I've put it in DFU mode went to itunes it tries to restore but gets a cannot connect to apple... I have cable comcast internet 30mbps. So now i am on a third party website getting the ipsw of 6.0.1 Is there something i need to try or do? Please Help!

asked 10 Feb '13, 22:45

roymustang's gravatar image


Hard reset (power+home) and release both on apple and hold volume up. Delete erring tweak on cydia and reboot to go back to normal JBed state.


answered 10 Feb '13, 23:42

justinred's gravatar image

justinred ♦

6.0.1 isn't being signed. I think you shoulda mentioned that b4 he wastes another hour playing around. Get 6.1 for your ip5

(10 Feb '13, 23:47) KockBurn KockBurn's gravatar image

This also happenned to my iP5... I installed so many apps last night from Cydia and most of the apps did not require restarting the phone. I ended up sleeping last night at 15% of the battery left and when I woke up the phone is dead, so I charge it and now it would just get stuck on the apple logo.

I followed this method and was able to get in to the springboard and launch Cydia to guess which app to uninstall. I uninstalled apps one at a time and restarting the iphone in between uninstalled apps to know which one is the culprit. After uninstalling a couple apps and restarting - I got down to app titled "Enable Copy text in Facebook by ModMyi", after a soft restart - the iPhone was back to normal. At first I thought it was the BiteSMS and the Torch app. It's good to know that the useless app that you think would be helpful gets your phone in trouble.

I hope I could help warn someone not to install that app at least. There could be more than one tweak out there that gets your iPhone in trouble, but at least - try to stay away from that app for now.

Cheers!! >;D


answered 21 Feb '13, 12:50

Strykher's gravatar image


edited 21 Feb '13, 12:51

I know this date of this question but i want to ask, did you deleted latest jailbreak tweak/app when ur phone goes on? Is it in safe-mode when it turned on? or I think ur phone goes into differrent or stock iphone 5 safe-mode which it brings up if got problem but you cant even use safari? Weird. if you cannot access cydia then you can delete latest tweak/app/themes you downloaded/enabled from winterboard/cydia via SSH on your computer to ur device before it after it stuck on apple logo too long and opened.


answered 11 Apr '13, 06:47

JCLEE's gravatar image


Last time i stuck on respring loop when downloaded transparent lockscreen clock background from cydia and enabled it with winterboard on iOS 6.1 jailbroken with evasi0n but before i got 5.1.1 and got same thing from same theme" Warning! do not download (Transparent lockscreen clock). When i restart/reset it then it opens with apple logo 10sec then stuck on respring, cant get into safe-mode with volume up when booting up and i got latest MobileSubstrate installed which included volume up booting for safe-mode.


answered 11 Apr '13, 06:53

JCLEE's gravatar image


Hi Im stuck with a similar problem althought mines seems worse. I couldnt sync my app to itunes because it said that itunes couldnt detect the apps on my iPhone 5. I read somewhere to disable all mobilsubstrate addons, problem is i disabled mobilesubstrate etc EVERYTHING (Noob). Now when i reboot it shows the apple logo for a while it dims and then its sort of goes into DFU mode (blank Screen). Itunes can still pickup the phone as does iFunbox but in a jailed state. Im trying to explore all opportunities to get my JB back (Long shot i know). Hoping someone on this forum can give me a glimmer of hope. HardReset and rebooting with volume up button etc on numerous occassions didnt work.

PLEASE HELP ..what other options can I explore ....


answered 02 May '13, 03:12

Vicari0's gravatar image


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