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I've got an iPhone 5 running 6.0.1 and tried jail breaking with evasion several times. Each time I have the same issues, when prompted to unlock and tap icon there is no icon visible. Also wifi turns itself on and the clock advances five hours.

asked 10 Feb '13, 22:07

Twinscrw's gravatar image


Have you tried swiping as if you have a second page of apps. I jailbroke my friends iPod touch running 6.1 and that is what happened even after a full restore before jailbreaking.

(10 Feb '13, 22:10) BlackJack09 BlackJack09's gravatar image

Yes I checked all the pages. I even checked all of the folders. There is no icon.

(10 Feb '13, 22:16) Twinscrw Twinscrw's gravatar image

im still here if you have feed back

(10 Feb '13, 22:20) Apple Tech Solid Apple%20Tech%20Solid's gravatar image

ok so maybe delete your evasi0n folder and re-download from and try again if problem persists try from an alternate computer and/or a different usb plug

(10 Feb '13, 22:25) Apple Tech Solid Apple%20Tech%20Solid's gravatar image

It has to have something to do with the clock. This thing has everything screwed up on my phone including voicemail. After manually resetting the time I was unable to log into my AT&T account until I turned the automatic time update back on which jumped the time ahead 5 hours again.

(11 Feb '13, 15:20) Twinscrw Twinscrw's gravatar image

I had no choice but to upgrade to 6.1. Evasion had erased all of the time zones in the clock settings. The jlauncher app says it is incompatable.


answered 12 Feb '13, 15:45

Twinscrw's gravatar image



I suggest upgrading to 6.1 and then trying again. Also is this already jail broken??? just curious this could cause an issue in which case reffer to my statement and upgrade through itunes.


answered 10 Feb '13, 22:17

Apple%20Tech%20Solid's gravatar image

Apple Tech Solid

edited 10 Feb '13, 23:17

britta's gravatar image


No this phone has not been jail broken. It has not even been upgraded. I want to avoid 6.1 due to the battery drain issues, the battery life is bad enough with 6.0.1.

(10 Feb '13, 22:21) Twinscrw Twinscrw's gravatar image

I was about to post the same as Apple Tech Solid. I called my friend who is a Programmer/IT Admin for a hospital, and long time jailbreaker. He recommends exactly what Apple Tech Solid said. except do a back up and do the upgrade via restore iPhone.

(10 Feb '13, 22:30) BlackJack09 BlackJack09's gravatar image

Also I dont think you have to worry to much about battery usage as you can get plenty of support for said problems with tweaks such as jlauncher (app switcher) and by making sure you monitor your open processes

(10 Feb '13, 22:35) Apple Tech Solid Apple%20Tech%20Solid's gravatar image


(10 Feb '13, 22:57) fr0st ♦ fr0st's gravatar image

I did a google search and apparently I'm not the only one that has had this issue but I could not find anyone that was able to solve the issue. I don't want to update the iOS unless its a sure thing, my battery doesn't make it through the day now. One person that had the same issue mentioned that the time had to be the same on the computer and the iPhone, that's when I noticed that the time on the phone had jumped forward by 5 hours and would not automatically correct itself so I manually corrected and tried again but got the same result over and over again. I'm not sure what the deal is with the wifi since I keep it turned off but it turned itself on when attempting to jailbreak.

(11 Feb '13, 00:54) Twinscrw Twinscrw's gravatar image
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