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Hello, I was attempting to jailbreak (which was successful) on my Iphone 3GS today, unfortunately when it came to the stage of attempting to unlock the phone somewhere along the line an error occurred, the only way for me to get it working again was to restore it via Itunes. Now, when i restored it, being the idiot that I am, I did not save any of the previous .shsh blobs and it updated to baseband 05.16.08 from 05.16.7.

Although I do have "3333534039437_iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_partial" in my .shsh folder.

My question is, can anything be done to unlock my phone now? I have no issue jailbreaking it using evasi0n, although I don't know how I can unlock it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks.

asked 08 Feb '13, 14:08

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closed 14 Aug '13, 01:51

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spockers ♦♦

btw, looking up 3333534039437 on Saurik's server only returns shsh for iOS 4.1. So if you say you have 6.0 ones on your folder, you can upload these with redsn0w

(09 Feb '13, 22:07) ml05019 ml05019's gravatar image

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once again restore it to ios 6.1 then jailbreak it tethered using redsnow 9.15b3. here's how.. open redsnow, then extras , select ipsw, select iphone2,1_6_0_10A403_restore ipsw. select ok and yes if your device is a new br. then click back then jailbreak.. dont forget to select install ipad baseband then just boot it tethered after that open cydia then search for evasion 6.X untethered then install it to make it untethered after that install ultrasnow. there you go... enjoy


answered 09 Feb '13, 21:18

vladenfei's gravatar image


If you are trying to carrier unlock your iPhone, your iOS version nor SHSH blobs matter. The thing that will matter is the manufacture date of your iPhone as well as the baseband version and the original carrier it is locked to along with the carrier you wish to now use. For a more specific answer, please identify from Settings>General>About the following info:




Serial Number: (just first five digits is okay)

Modem Firmware:

With this info, we can more accurately assist you.


answered 09 Feb '13, 23:05

JuergenWest's gravatar image

JuergenWest ♦

I have upgrade and downgraded and am still stuck with 05.16.08

(10 Feb '13, 22:28) petersjeans petersjeans's gravatar image

I can not assist you until you've filled in the blanks above.

(10 Feb '13, 23:18) JuergenWest ♦ JuergenWest's gravatar image

Hi, I have the same issue with my 3gs 05.16.08

Here are my details: For a more specific answer, please identify from Settings>General>About the following info:

Model: MC159Y/A

Version: 6.1(10B141)

Carrier: 14.0

Serial Number: (just first five digits is okay) 86946

Modem Firmware: 05.16.08

Thanks a million for your help :-)

(13 Feb '13, 14:34) tylerdiap tylerdiap's gravatar image

You have two options, 1. insert original carrier SIM, activate via iTunes, jailbreak redsn0w, up baseband to 6.15.00, then down baseband to 5.13.04, deactivate, reactivate via original carriers SIM, boot tethered, install evasi0n and ultrasn0w via Cydia. or 2. order an official carrier unlock, permanent, no jailbreak required, from hope that helps, good luck and best wishes!

(13 Feb '13, 22:58) JuergenWest ♦ JuergenWest's gravatar image

if youre stuck at baseband 05.16.08 , jailbreak it using redsnow .. select install ipad baseband.. so it can be unlock by redsnow ..


answered 14 Feb '13, 00:49

vladenfei's gravatar image



Absolutely positively do NOT follow @vladenfei's answer without verifying your device's manufacture date or you WILL brick your iPhone rendering it useless. This method of unlock is no longer used.

(14 Feb '13, 03:49) JuergenWest ♦ JuergenWest's gravatar image

If and only IF your iPhone was manufactured prior to mid 2011, you can use redsn0w to up your baseband to 6.15, and then immediately down it to 5.13.04 to unlock with ultrasn0w. If your device was manufactured after mid 2011 your only option is to get an official or third party carrier IMEI factory unlock from a source like

(14 Feb '13, 03:52) JuergenWest ♦ JuergenWest's gravatar image

yeah he's right. .. but in the case of tylerdiap ..... which is manufactured year 2009 week 46... it can be done.... good luck... but it is always good to have a factory unlocked phone ..... less worries..

(14 Feb '13, 04:35) vladenfei vladenfei's gravatar image

People who read these answers generally associate the answer with the original question which is vague as to the manufacture date. So in the interest of the countless people who may read these posts from google searches or however it is they may arrive here, it is always best to be explicit in any answer.

(14 Feb '13, 04:40) JuergenWest ♦ JuergenWest's gravatar image

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